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Even the biggest fans’Xena: Warrior Princess’ doesn’t know that the show is a spin-off Of a big one. Xena’s character originally appeared in ‘Hercules: The Legendary Journey ‘Another 90s television show was around a Greek hero.

Will ‘Xena: Warrior Princess’ finally get a reboot?


  • Has NBC rebooted Xena by 2020?
  • After almost two decades, will an Xena reboot be relevant?
  • What’s special about ‘Xena: Warrior Princess’?

Xena was written to Die in his third appearance, But its growing popularity led the producers to start a show on their own adventures. The series aired in 1995 and was successful until 2001, with six seasons. It was praised for its strong female protagonist and attracted attention for it LGBTQ + Enterprise.

There are a lot of historical inaccuracies, but the show took creative decisions to combine history and fiction. Xena was a fire-breathing, fierce and extremely confident woman, and even though the series did not feature a female lead for the first time, it was ground-breaking for its treatment.

Its popularity through the years has often sparked negotiations for a Xena reboot, but the makers’ plans remain unclear. Keep reading because we’ve really fallen down and whether an Xena reboot is on the way!

Has NBC rebooted Xena on this 2020?

A reboot for ‘Xena: Warrior Princess’ was announced five years ago, But it never went into production. In 2015, sources revealed that NBC was developing a Xena reboot with original executive producers Robert Topart and Sam Raimi on board. Fans were expecting Lucy Lawless (Xena) to confirm her involvement, but tweeted that the news was a rumor.

Xena warrior princess reboot

According to online sources, the then NBC Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt confirmed the reboot’s works in August 2015. Citing constructive differences. There were rumors stating that he wanted to write a reboot that fully understood Xena’s sexual orientation, which fans thought was reckless because it would erase her bisexuality. A few months after his exit, the team removed the reboot.

Fortunately, in 2017 NBC Entertainment President Jennifer Salke did not rule out the possibility of rerouting the series in the future!

“I would never say that this is such a beloved title, but its current incarnation is dead”,

Salke told “Hollywood Reporter”.

There has been no update about the Xena reboot, but just a year ago, Grillo-Marxuch reboots surface pilot scripts online. The fans immediately start comparing the two and decide that the original is much better, but they will never know without a reboot!

After almost two decades, will an Xena reboot be relevant?

The show followed Xena’s story in search of redemption from the sins of her past. She uses her indomitable talent, her fighting skills to help an innocent who cannot defend herself. He is with Gabriel (Renee O’Connor), Whose character evolves from a farm-girl to a warrior and Xena’s comrade.

The series already has a loyal community of fans who have been making a comeback since its last episode. ‘Xena: Warrior Princess’ Succeed with each season, And the manufacturer can vouch for its continued success.

It is a cult classic that can never be forgotten. Xena’s enormous resilience and recognition and fighting for the greater good is still relevant today. At a time when there are superheroes Center of pop cultureA warrior princess needs time!

What’s special about ‘Xena: Warrior Princess’?

If you watch the series after about 20 years, you will see that the special effects are old, and Some scenes are weird. The love of history and fiction did not always work in its favor, but shone through Xena’s character, whatever it may have been.

She was certainly not the first woman to lead an action-adventure series, but she was the first woman to inspire young girls around the world. Lucy Lawless’ powerful portrayal of a warrior, Xena One who can battle against any animal and looks incredibly attractive while doing so, was a role model for girls!

The action sequence, his race, portrayal of gender and the way it reflects the sexual orientation of Xena’s character was progressive for the 90s. Reboot will ensure a new, modern interpretation Xena and Gabriel, Their relationship, and will add more depth to an already unforgettable series!

Do you want to see a Xena reboot that has a current explanation and new angles? Tell us in the comments!

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