Is this monkey app safe to use?

Monkey App is a popularly used teenage app that helps people connect with new people. This chat app was created by five teenagers in LA. This is a video chat. This app randomly matches with other users of this app for only 15 seconds. And it also has a group video chat feature and it helps users to connect with multiple people at the same time. With this, the user can also upload a moment that can be viewed by their followers. The Monkey app allows users to connect and match Snapchat usernames and their phone numbers while also giving users additional time to continue the connection. The app uses Snapchat or Facebook as a platform to provide users with access to the service. This application is also enjoyed by children. It helps them to video chat with strangers from all over the world.

How to extend video chat?

The Monkey app also has features like video calling and it usually stops after a certain time. Users can easily extend video chat above 25 seconds by tapping on the time button. And the important thing is that not only one but both users have to click on the button to extend the video chat by 15 seconds. To continue the conversation, the user can add another person on Snapchat.

What does knock knock mean?

Knock Knock allows users to chat privately with other stoners instantly. The Knock Knock feature was recently introduced by the Monkey app to improve aspects.

What do bananas do?

Bananas are used to purchase a fixed asset available on the app. Users can earn bananas using the Monkey app.

Is this app safe?

The Monkey app does not have age verification. All other Kishore apps have age verification to ensure that it is safe for children. But this app does not provide any privacy details and also the app claims that they provide comfortable moderation to protect users. The user must update their name, profile picture, date of birth, user-contributed content such as images, texts, videos and other information including screenshots that have been shared with other users. And these data are covered by the privacy statement of the app.

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