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Yes, we know, drug kingpins are not known for their mental idealism, but let us try to find out.

If you ask fans What did they fall in love with ‘breaking bad’ They will tell you that it was due to the show’s well-crafted and emotionally dark characters, most notably, the main character Valmo White. ‘Breaking Bad’, Vince GilliganMagnum Opus is now considered one of the best shows of all time. The show ran for 5 seasons (62 episodes) from 2008 to 2013 AMC And then later also streamed on Netflix.


  • From school teacher to drug lord: the story of Walter White
  • Walter White’s analysis of character development and personality changes
  • What do psychologists / psychiatrists say?

The show is so well written that most people don’t really question Walter White’s shift Preferences and motivations That take place in the middle of the show. Walter White goes from cooking meth to securing his family’s future After His death from cancer To run into millions and expand across the state, putting him at odds with other major drug operations and gangs and cartels.

Video Credit: Eccentric doctor

Was that normal?
Or was he a born psychopath?
Certainly if he were, he would have clarified many things for us. So, let’s know!

From school teacher to drug lord: the story of Walter White

Walter White was a man of talent, he is indisputable. However, instead of working at the state-of-the-art research facility in the state-of-the-art science laboratory, he was Teach chemistry in a high school In Albuquerque, New Mexico. He also took a second job as a cashier in a car wash where he was regularly humiliated by his Greek boss. To add to this, he discovers that he has terminal lung cancer despite being a non-smoker for his entire life.

The Story of Walter White | Trending today | Tech

To cope with his death and the possibility of his family breaking up after his death, he decided to manufacture methamphetamine or simply “Meth“With your partner and alumnus Jessie Pinkman. At first, the couple tries to strike a deal with ‘Crazy-8’ with a local drug distributor, but eventually has to kill him and his cousin Emilio when they accuse Jessie of taking a pinch. Later, they work with Tuco Salamanca, a completely deranged and frenzied cartel dealer who causes a lot of trouble to both. As the story progresses, we see Walter White’s emotionally manipulative transition from a precarious and worrying amateur drug dealer and a strict drug dealer.

Walter White’s analysis of character development and personality changes

The first time the audience feels as if Walter White has done a morally evil act, when Walter urinates and watches Jessie’s bedroom Jessie’s Girlfriend Jane Maragolis vomited on her own, while both are high in heroin. Walter’s first instinct is to move in and help him but he stops and lets him choking and dying. While her first murder, the murder of Crazy-8, can be considered as a step in self-defense, Jane was not allowed to kill her in any way while in the same room.

A similar pattern can be seen when we take into account Walter’s use of raisin venom. At first, he tries to use it and Poison Tuco Salamanca, A dangerous and violent threat to her, her family and Jessie; Walter does not hesitate to use a similar trick to poison Andrea’s innocent and doe-eyed son Brock. He apparently did so that Jesse would go on with his trauma, killing Gus.

What do psychologists / psychiatrists say?

Walter White’s character has been analyzed by thousands of ‘Breaking Bad’ fans on social media, be it Twitter, Reddit, YouTube or any other platform. But here we have Dr. Todd Grande, A Youtuber and an expert in mental health, is giving his Walter White’s personality in a video. Other experts have also participated in the discussion, claiming that Walter White, in addition to possibly being a psychopath, also had OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder).

Video Credit: Dr. Todd Grande

This behavior is highlighted in scenes where Walter becomes frustrated and shouts due to Jessie’s poor work style and professionalism. Perhaps the best example of this was in the episode where Walter does nothing but try to kill a fly that was found inside his lab without success.

Walter White captured the imaginations and feelings of millions of fans of the show worldwide. Some fans consider him a psychopath to excuse his action, but is it true? Visit the comments section below, tell us what you think of Walter White as a psychopath!

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