Is Warner Bros clearly hypocritical?

Ohni Depp has been removed from ‘The Fantastic Beasts’ franchise for about 10 days now, and has been successfully (reportedly) replaced by the ‘Hannibal’ star, Max Micklesen. With Warner Bros. letting the veteran actor go from a film series global phenomenon, we want to ask an uncomfortable question here – why doesn’t Amber Hurd get the same treatment?

For those of you who don’t know or don’t remember, Amber Hurd portrayed me in both ‘Justice League’ and ‘Aquaman’, a DC superhero with the ability to control the waters. So with ‘Aquaman 2’ coming into production later next year, Warner Bros. Productions (which owns the DC characters) should replace Amber Hurd (it takes them enough time to do so). Depp was removed from the franchise, which stems from an ongoing battle between the two actors, and this type of “discrimination” shown by the company is quite worrying.

But this opens up a range of questions that either nobody wants to ask or they don’t want to answer, like – are they waiting for Johnny to have a similar incident and lose a suit for him Bidding for? Hasn’t it changed? Could it be that WB Productions should not be seen as the company that prevents victims from working to avoid the scandal? Are the consequences of his prosecuting the production company not worth the trouble? And these are just a few of the questions that arise between the two celebs from the ongoing public feud over it.

Now according to reports, WB is waiting for a case to be lost in the trial to ask him to leave the DC franchise. If this is an actual plan made by one of the world’s largest film production companies, it is ridiculously bad. This means that they are waiting for an excuse to get rid of the actor, as to whether they do not want to get involved in the controversies, to appear “fair” to the general public, especially their From the series after being “evicted”.

There is much to this quarrel that we are not fully aware of, as there are many “true accounts” in the case of both actors. Perhaps one of them is lying, or perhaps both are. But with proof that both sides can be wrong, WB should treat both actors the same way, or at least until a final decision comes (and yes, it is 5 years from now Can). So either connect them both to film production, or keep them, because the double standards are quite absurd.

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