Ishk Par Zor Nahi spoiler Alert 4th May 2021 full episode: Ahaan Scolded Ishqi Badly

In the first scene of the episode, the woman is seeing asking Sarab to reveal his face to which he says that he can’t do it as he is feeling shy and further states that he doesn’t want anyone to fall for him and Kulwant sees him and asks him that why is he hiding his face to which he says that he is covering his face because of the corona.

Sarab and Jeeto are talking with each other as Sarab asks him that will he buy anything to which he says that what all does he have to sell, he replies that he has anklets, bangles, bindis, and many other things and Jeeto tells him to come in as Yuvi is also there and he says that he cant go in to which Karan agrees by stating that today is Mutiyaran Day and Seher also agrees with them as she states that no men are allowed to which Param agrees.

Sarab then shouts saying that can they see the flying horse and all the kids started looking where he directed to which Seher replies that he is not that funny and she went on to ask him, what else does he have to offer and tells him to come in and show her whatever he has to offer as Karan again says to Seher that men are not allowed to which she replies that other women are asking him to enter the room to which all of them agreed, then Sarab asks Seher about the whereabouts of Meher to which she replies that she is in Ginni’s room right now.

Meher sees the chit and reads it and says he will not be able to come as Meher hears Sarab selling stuff to the women and she recognizes him immediately, Meher sees him and Sarab goes on to her and offers her green bangles stating that this is for her and Meher asks him to leave and further asks him that why is he here and instructs him to leave as she says that they are going to hit him to which he replies that he is not scared of a bomb and she further says that you are going to get in trouble and he tells her to be quiet and comes close to her as the song plays in the background as Sarab comes closer and closer to Meher.

Then he goes on to make her wear the bangles that he has got for her to which she says that he should leave now to which he replies that he is here to get his debt to which she replies that what is he talking about and he says that he is talking about the kiss and Meher kisses him as he asks for another and she kisses him again.

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