Ishq Me Marjawan 2: Will Sara win in her challenge against Riddhima?

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Popular show Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 is gearing up for high voltage drama in the show with Riddhima trying to protect Vansh from Sara.

In the previous episode, Riddhima introduced Sara as her childhood friend, Gayatri, to Vansh’s family to see if any one of them recognizes Sara and that person could be black Mamba. However Sara revealed that she doesn’t know any black Mamba nor that black Mamba knows her shocking Riddhima.

Later Vansh went to Dadi and searched in for the black box in her room. Vansh found Dadi tensed and questioned her about the same. However Dadi said that her BP got high. Vansh made her sit and wanted to heat the water for Dadi in microwave. Vansh got shocked finding the black box inside the microwave. Vansh confronted Dadi and questioned her about it. Dadi asked Angre to go out of the room. She told Vansh that she didn’t trust anyone, so she lied to Angre. Vansh told Dadi that Angre is very loyal which angered Dadi. Vansh calmed her down and told that he had given her the black box as that time his life was in danger and he didn’t want the black box go to any wrong hands, but now the situation has changed. He’s taking the black box back because he doesn’t to put any pressure on her.

Sara mixed vodka in the drink and offered it to Vansh. Vansh drunk it and felt dizzy. Riddhima got worried for Vansh. Vansh reprimanded Sara for mixing Vodka inspite of him alerting that he doesn’t drink alcohol.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Vansh will be in the steam room. Sara will lock the room from the outside and will increase the temperature in order to kill give Vansh a painful death. Riddhima will be seen looking for Vansh.

Will Riddhima save Vansh in time? Will Vansh find out Gayatri is Sara?

Keep checking this space for more updates for your favorite hindi shows.

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