“It works well enough I would say” – Antonio Giovinazzi reveals his mantra for improvement Second year | sport

“It works well enough I would say” – Antonio Giovinazzi said that he was made a better driver with Alfa Romeo in 2020, because he got an extension.

Antonio Giovinazzi finally managed to hold on to his teammate Kimi Räikkönen, who qualified in nine out of 17 events in 2020, after his debut.

Although the pair only managed to score four points in a difficult session for the Swiss team, Giovinazzi’s performance convinced the Ferrari-backed team not to extend their stay and bring the traitors to 2021.

Reflecting his performance last year, the 27-year-old race driver revealed his hand in making himself a better competitor by watching his video on board during his second season in the game.

“After qualification, of course, we debriefing [where] You see the lap you did [and see] Where you lost something But after that moment I am just 100% focused on the race and especially on a start, ”said Giovinazzi

“Because with the cars that we have this year and then the difficulty to follow and get ahead, I think if you have a good start and a good first lap and you get a spot there, the race is a lot easier. It will be done.

“I focus a lot on watching [videos] From last year – starts and on the ship and from last year we have some videos too, ”he continued.

“And it works very well I’d say. I am thrilled with the work I have done this season and will continue to work like this in future. “

Snoozed on F4 Video

Due to the ongoing epidemic, Formula 1 had resorted to tracks that never arrived in years, such as Imola, Algarve, and Nurburgering, which meant that Giovinazzi was taped from his junior days to prepare for races on these tracks. Had to remember.

“When we have a new track, of course, I’m trying to watch what may be from other categories – Formula 4 – every video I can start [at] That track ”, the 27-year-old couple.

“I try to learn something from the video, but yes, it was not easy. I would say it’s very easy [a known quantity] Like Bahrain which you ran earlier and there have been many such debuts that you can see online and what can happen in every corner.

“It’s very easy, but it was good enough to see in Imola, Formula 4 starts and then I did a good first lap over there again, so it was good.”

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