“It’s a League of the Stars”: Steve Nash reacts to blockbuster James Harden, which brings him along with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. sport

Steve Nash went to the square commenting on James Harden’s acquisition of the Nets from the Rockets after a lengthy trade saga.

The Nets are starting the season 7-6, beating the all-time rival, the New York Knights, tonight 116-109. He also added James Harden to his team after one of the biggest trades of the century. They now have as much star power as any team.

The Nets are now truly favorites to exit the Eastern Conference, no matter what their contestants step into. It is his offensive strength that he has 3 players who can completely destroy any defense on any given night.

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James Harden is the league’s best playmaker so far this season. He has to give a ton of touch to run an effective offense together with KD and Kyari. But fans like us are drooling at the prospect of seeing the world’s 3 best Iso players in the same team.

Steve Nash reacts silently to the James Harden trade

One would think that acquiring all-time great offensive talent like James Harden would add to the enthusiasm of a cheating head coach. But Steve Nash is unlike most of the rookie head coaches, who won several MVP trophies as their entire squad.

Nash downplayed Harden’s importance in the team, but he called the NBA a ‘Star League’. And it’s true, top-heavy teams have won all championships through the course of NBA history. But the net also has significant wing depth. He now needs a defensive-minded center to replace Jarrat Allen.

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In the coming weeks, Nash will also be hoping that his point guard – Kyrie Irving – returns to the field at the start of the season. The Nets have insurance for their absence, but they wouldn’t really be favorites without the Big Three to take on LeBron James and Eddie.

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