“It’s been a mammoth task” – Aston Martin Boss on the efforts made to rebrand the team. sport

“It’s been a mammoth task” – Aston Martin boss recently on efforts to rebrand Racing Point as he set out to compete in 2021.

Aston Martin Has rebranded itself from Racing Point; The complete change was planned in January 2020 when the merge was first announced.

Since then, the team has undergone a massive transformation and reestablished itself as Aston Martin, giving the team a liability to move out of its existing facility by ditching and building a new factory located on Silverstone that Formed in the 1980s (though it was) halted due to financial stress due to the ongoing epidemic. “

But still, many other things went on, and the team would go on the grid in Bahrain with Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroh. Talking about the trip, the head of the team, Ottmar Szafnar, mentioned the conflict.

“It has been a huge task. It is easy to forget that we are doing the ground work for a new era with a very challenging global setting, ”said Otmar Szfnur.

“Balancing those actions with our most successful F1 season of all races – including a race win and several podium finishers leading the way to fourth place in the builders’ championship.

“Everyone involved should be extremely proud of that achievement, and I think it demonstrates that this is the name and identity of a new team, we have maintained a strong backbone that guided us through some difficult times Is where we are today. “

Aim for the stars

While Aston Martin is set to compete in 2021, after achieving an impressive fourth place in 2020, Szfnur is now aiming to be the next top team on the grid.

“While the challenge was establishing themselves as the most efficient team on the grid ever, it is now an exciting opportunity to establish themselves as a top team while maintaining that efficiency to add an exciting chapter to the Aston Martin legacy. have the opportunity.”

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