“It’s definitely something we’re totally against” – the game against the new resolution by McLaren Vote Formula 1

“It’s definitely something we’re completely against” – McLaren voted against the rescheduled F1 2021 calendar at the end of the season.

If criticism for Formula 1 of having a 23-race calendar a year was not enough, it added another grief for the entire Contestant with three triple headers in the second phase of the calendar.

Following the race in Hungary, Formula 1 has generously given a four-week break, but it will soon follow a huge wave of three successive triple headers.

The first triple-header still appears to be the triple header, as it is in sequence related to the proximity of European states- Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy.

A two-week break is provided after a long and tiring trip to Russia, Singapore and then Japan; All countries are far away from each other.

But the plight of the F1 contingency does not end here, as there is another triple-header with races in the United States, Mexico and Brazil. After such a long period, F1 managed to give a thoughtful and penetrating roundabout for about 16,000 miles before the exhausting journey. Australia And then ends with two successive races in the Middle-East.

McLaren disagrees

Despite the tedious task, according to Gp fanNine of the 10 teams listed in the competition voted in favor of the revised calendar, except for McLaren, who has protested against many double and triple headers since the Russian Grand Prix.

The source tried to contact McLaren’s team, but the team refused to respond. Yet team head Andreas Seidel expressed his dissatisfaction against such a schedule in 2020.

“One thing that is clear from our side, which we will clearly communicate to Formula 1, is that the triple header is not a sustainable way to proceed in Formula 1,” Seidel said.

“It is very hard on our people. It is simply far away from our families at home, and therefore, it is definitely something that we are totally against. “

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