“It’s important to us” – says Fred Wasseypur that the game is important to the survival of the Alfa Romeo team

“This is important to us” – Fred Wasseypur reveals that Alfa Romeo’s name tag is important to the F1 team for its survival and future.

The team was formerly known as Sauber Alfa Romeo In 2019, while moving Italian brand ties to 2018 for the first time. The move came on the course of close collaborations with Alfa Romeo’s sister brand Ferrari, which includes purchasing gearboxes, engines and other critical services.

This was the first significant decision made by Fred Wasseypur after taking charge of the organization for the first time in 2017. Wasseypur has stated the growing relationship with the Alpha Romeo brand needed for the team’s growth.

“It is important for us,” said Wasseypur. Autosport Regarding the alpha tie-up. “I don’t want to talk about the financial aspect, but it sure is a part of it.”

“It is the motivation that you can add to the team, that you can recruit for the growth of the company.” He added further.

“The fact that Alfa Romeo, the first world champion, is expanding the agreement with us and wants to develop a partnership is a good reward, but it’s not just a reward, it’s the next step for us.”

Global approach and package required

The Sauber and Alfa Romeo partnership is not limited to only F1, as Sauber is also involved in developing Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA and GTAm road cars using its Hinwil wind tunnel facility.

“Even though this Formula 1 is outside the world, I think it is important to build a strong collaboration between the two companies, and this is also the future of the collaboration that we have to pursue in this direction.

“I’m sure I know full well [well] We also need to improve performance on the track, that it is not only better to do aero development, but for this we must have a global approach and a global package.

“But the automotive side is a part of the partnership, and it’s important if you want to develop a partnership between the brand and the formula team.”

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