“It’s not blackmail, it’s a fact” – Helmut Marco predicts Red Bull’s power unit Game

“It’s not blackmail, it’s a fact.” – Helmut Marco claims that the Red Bull power unit problem is being estimated and will be ineffective.

Red Bull is asking for a 2022 engine freeze because they have decided not to go with any other manufacturer and continue with the current Honda engine.

The Austrian team argues that if Red Bull wants to build a power unit on its own from scratch, then it will be a complex and costly task, which They can’t afford to.

While F1 has not responded to Red Bull’s pleas, Helmut Marco has already begun work on overtaking supplies by Honda ahead of next season.

“I was in Japan to formulate a financial concept on whether I could use the power unit myself by 2022. Looks like we can handle it, ”said the consultant Auto build motorsport.

“The deciding factor is whether the engines will be frozen in their development from 202 onwards. Otherwise, we do not have the ability to operate these very complex engines. This is not blackmail, this is a fact. ” he said.

Opponents see this as a viable option

From day one, Mercedes has supported Red Bull for the engine freeze, but was strongly opposed by Ferrari and Renault. However on Saturday, Matia Binote clarified that Ferrari is now ready to support engine freeze resolution.

So far, there is no updated stance from Renault, the only remaining engine manufacturer in the padcock still in the opposite direction. But with the Big Three sharing the same reason, it does not seem a daunting task to explain the FIA ​​and Formula 1 further.

With the budget cap kicking in, engine freeze seems like a good option spend down For every team that can convince the authorities to make a push.

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