‘I’ve never enjoyed my time in the Octagon, never the other’: George ST-Pierre makes shocking statements about his time at the UFC. sport

Georges ST-Pierre makes a shocking entry about his time at UFC; It is said that he used to cry and now does not miss going out in the ring.

Georges ST-Pierre, who, with his incredible performances, and superb records has dug his name forever in the UFC history books, reveals that he was in a pathetic state during his tenure at the company.

In a recent interview with, GSP is aware that along with fame, money, there is also considerable pressure to be associated with leading MMA promotions in the world, and is said to have hated fighting.

“I never liked to fight, and I don’t lie when I say that,” Said ST-Pierre. “I never enjoyed my time in the Octagon, there was never another, I did it because I loved winning, I loved its advantages, and I loved freedom. After that, I was young, had money, There was girls, fame, access to things that no one had. It was freedom, that’s why I did it. I never did it because I loved competing and fighting. I hated it at the highest level.

“It is so stressful that it was unbearable for me. However, I loved the awards. The greater the risk, the greater the reward. And that’s why I did it, and I was very good at it and I took advantage of it. Now, I miss the awards, I miss the winning feeling. But I do not give up the feeling of fighting, not even a second. “

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‘I am not made for this’

GSP expressed that during the early phase of his career, he was not accustomed to stress and wept about it, and wanted to end the fight’s tenure, however, the work that was later done to the tears was won. There was a feeling of .

“In my initial fights, before the fight, I used to go out to eat with my friend David Loiso, and I was crying,” Saint-Pierre continued. “This is my last. I promise I’m not made up for that. I hate this stressful life. ‘And he was saying the same thing. Then after the fight, we looked at each other when we Lived and were like – ‘Yes, when is the next one?

“We like it very much. ‘ How crazy is it? It’s so weird and I really can’t explain it. I love it, but I hate it at the same time. It’s a crazy lifestyle. The result is so much for your goodness May be negative, but its rewards are so great. It’s a crazy gamble.

“It’s like going everywhere all the time. I love training, I love the lifestyle, I love everything about it, but on a fight night, it’s very stressful and I don’t think so. “

ST-Pierre is an icon of the game whose speculation of a comeback has always prevailed, and apparently the glorious spectators of the UFC also miss him, but does he want to return and face the tense mantra again. This is a question that cannot be an ideal answer.

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