Jack Snyder’s Dark Knight Returns Dream Man of Steel 2’s Fusion to Closure

Zack Snyder recently shared his dream to make a film based on the Dark Knight Return comic that has more potential than the film Man of Steel

It seems that 2020 is all about Zack Snyder. Since the formal revival of Zack Snyder’s Justice League as a 4-part series for HBO Max, WB has been riding high on fan discussion. Fans and business experts have already started contemplating the future of DCEU, and Zack Snyder is in it. As 2021 draws to a close, the attention around Snyder’s cut and Snyder’s future is gaining attention. Snyder recently joined the Nerd Queens Youtube screen (video below) to discuss the upcoming Snyder cut. During the discussion, the director of Watchman stated that he wanted to recreate the iconic Dark Knight Return comic into a film.

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Frank Miller’s iconic Dark Knight series

In 1986 DC published a 4-part comic series called Dark Knight Returns. In this story, Batman is now old and has deteriorated. Set in a dystopian world, Gotham is under attack by a gang called ‘The Mutants’. Bruce Wayne has to protect Gotham, perhaps for one last time, not only from mutants, but also from Two-Face, Joker and Superman. Yes, a disgruntled Batman faces off against a non-aging Superman.

It is said to be one of the most iconic Batman stories.

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It shows an aged Bruce going through the struggles of Wayne. At one point, he is not able to come to terms with the fact that he can no longer physically be Batman. Everything around him is changing except the imminent danger on Gotham City.

Why would the Dark Knight be a better choice than Man of Steel 2?

Zach Snyder has been heavily influenced by Batman in The Dark Knight Returns. The armor Bruce wears in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice comic is accurate to take on Superman. Even some scenes from the film seem like interpretations of live-action from a comic book panel. Even details such as kryptonite grenades are deeply influenced by the comic. And mostly Ben Affleck’s Batman is very similar to Bruce Wayne in DKR comics.

Batfleck has also been a long time Batman and has gone through many personal losses. He has seen it all and is now disenchanted with the world of crime in Gotham City. But even Batfleck is looking one last time at Dawn of Justice to save Gothem and possibly humanity.

It is one of the savvy for WB to move forward with the Dark Knight as Batfleck was widely accepted by fans. There are also rumors that Affleck is teaming up for Justice League 2. Even fans who did not like BVS and Justice League agreed with the fact that Ben Affleck was the best Batman on screen so far. Now that Jake Snyder is bringing more of Affleck to his cut of the Justice League, it would be the right time to push Ben as a middle-aged Batman. There are rumors, thanks to the flash movie, we can see that the banquet Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton’s Batman Together. On the other hand, we also have Robert Pattinson claims Cowl.

Why not a man of steel 2?

On the other hand, Henry Cavill’s Superman stent is widely under suspicion. Cavill has gone through a plot in the past! Cameo ‘Due to scheduling conflicts.’ Further, while Cavill announces the Snyder cut with Zack Snyder during the BvS Rewatch during Quentin Absent from the Justice League.

Fans are eager to finally see Cavill Dawn in a blue suit (ZSJL considering the black). But there is nothing but rumors. In Report good (Video below) Following the announcement of the Snyder cut, Veer Hollywood stated that WB believed Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel could not lead a stand-alone film without some major push. The report said,

A stand-alone Superman film will not succeed at this time. Perhaps once DC has had more momentum after playing a supporting role in some successful films, there will be more chance for a stand-alone film.

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However, these are also rumors and should be taken with salt grains! We definitely know that Henry Cavill’s Superman stent is still in balance until the Snyder cut comes out. The only concern of Warner Bros. will be the Total Batman Show at DCEU before the green-lighting project. So many Batman projects can easily cast a shadow on any character.

After all, who can have enough of Batman? But, after Jack Snyder’s JL success, it would be surprising to see Ben Affleck again as the Dark Knight.

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