“James Harden is Robin to Kevin Durant’s Batman”: Kendrick Perkins calls Kyrie Irving Alfred, seeing him as the second star of the Brooklyn Nets. sport

Kendrick Perkins relates the characters of Batman to Qui Irving, James Harden, and Kevin Durant, and states that Kerry Irving is like Alfred.

A trade that seemed to become more inevitable with the passage of time finally occurred last night, with the Brooklyn Nets pulling the trigger on a James Harden trade and acquiring it from the Houston Rockets. This was following harsh comments towards his fellow Rockets teammates following a bad defeat to Lebron and the Lakers.

James Harden now has a star-studded alongside Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Ever since Harden’s idea was made its way to Brooklyn, the first thing everyone did was fit.

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A 3-ball dominating superstar, who can be the focal point of all offense, will be tough for any coach to handle. Steve Nash needs to be clear about who plays what role from the team, from the get-go.

Kendrick Perkins selected James Harden as 2N d Star behind kevin durant

Upma is a great way to put a particular situation in perspective. Kendrick Perkins did just that by relating the newly formed Brooklyn Big 3 to the Batman characters.

Perkins referred to Kyrie Irving as Alfred, James Harden’s Robin and Kevin Durant’s Batman. This would mean Kendrick believes Kevin Durant and James Harden are one-two punch to the Nets, with Kyrie Irving serving as a potential complimentary 3.Third Piece that pair.

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It remains to be seen how Coach Nash will commit an offense that involves all three superstars in a half-court setting. Whether he goes all-in on the Hearty-Durant PnR or makes Harden some offense through the off-ball movement such as when he was at OKC, the Nets would have no problem actually scoring basketball.

Ultimately, the Nets’ success depends on Querry’s desire to postpone James Harden and Kevin Durant. Kyrie will still get his touch and 25 ppg in general, but when it’s crunch time, Harden and Durant can dominate the ball more than the former.

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