“James Harden, you wanna jump off a cliff after 9 games?”: John Wall openly convinced the Rockets star that he wanted to leave Houston. sport

James Harden is being slammed by his own Rocket teammates, including John Rocket. He comments that he has no title.

After another disgusting defeat to the Lakers – their second in 3 nights – James Harden had enough. He went to the press to explain why he demanded the trade. The Lakers have defeated the Rockets 4–1 in their 2020 playoff run. The game was another proof for him that he would not win the title in Houston.

But publicly broadcasting their opinions is a different thing than requesting a trade. To come out and condemn your teammates for not having a ‘championship’ level 10 game in the season, even if you spin it. John Wall did not hesitate to state this today.

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Harden has only played 7 games with John Wall so far, so both have plenty of time to adjust. But to close that window, Hardik must have felt really bad.

John Wall criticized James Harden, saying that Rocket teammates would not let him ring

John Wall did not take a name in his post-game presser. But it was clear as daylight to whom he was referring with these comments:

“When you have a few people in the mix who don’t buy all as one, it would be hard to do anything. Especially on the basketball team. I’ve been in those teams for my first 5 years when the players’ me, Me, me ‘were like. They don’t know about the team and who gets hurt and who brings everyone down. “

“If you are all on the same page, we can do something good here. We can’t go down because it’s only 9 games. Like, man, you want to jump off a cliff after just 9 games? “

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The Rocket locker room is going to be a sad place, until Harden is traded, it is sure to be.

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