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We are resorting to freedom to trace the moment when ‘Jane the Virgin’ outgrew its original premise, the status of Jane’s virginity.

Have you ever seen Colton Underwood’s season of ‘The Bachelor’, You will feel that for some reason, a person’s virginity status is considered a character-defining feature. Now, unlike ‘The Bachelor’, there is an American telenovela that not only asserts that notion, but presents it with a clear story. Of course it is CW’Jane’ the Virgin ‘. The show stars Gina Rodriguez (Jane), Justin Baldoni (Rafael), Yale Grobglas (Petra), and Jaime Camil (Rogelio). Other artists include Andrea Nvedo (Shiyomara), Brett Fear (Michael), and Evon Cole (Alba).


  • ‘Jane the Virgin’ for short
  • However, Jane loses her virtue in this episode.
  • Jane’s relationships and intimacy in ‘Jane the Virgin’

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It has all the telenovela twists to keep you away, and leads to more character development than you can imagine. Jane’s resilience, her chemistry with Rafael, the love story between her parents, tie a lot of plots into just one show! One of the biggest doubts around Ever since the series premiered, she questions Jane’s virginity. As we move to the core of the story, Jane loses her virtue until the end and keeps reading!

‘Jane the Virgin’ for short

Jane the virgin‘From the beginning of the series, it has removed stereotypes about its protagonist’s choice to maintain purity until marriage. The telenovela adaptation first aired back in 2014 and introduced 24-year-old virgin Jane Villanueva. As a 13-year-old teenager, Jane gave her a promise to the very Catholic Abuelita that she would wait to have sex after marriage.

Jane the virgin

Jane keeps her promise for a long time, but becomes unimaginable before she can think of breaking her promise. On a visit to the gynecologist, Jane is mistakenly, artificially induced with a man’s sperm she does not know. Now here’s the problem: Jane has a boyfriend, and is inspired by the sperm of her boss, Raphael, who works at the hotel.

Jane may consider terminating the pregnancy, but this is Rafael, the only chance for a cancer survivor to go biological. The story closes on a real high and manages to keep up through the end. Jane’s charisma is impossible to miss, in fact, the series (all 6 seasons) has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes!

However, Jane loses her virtue in this episode.

It took three seasons, but it happened! As for Jane’s character, as well as the show’s story, the incident was intensely made through the series. Surprisingly, ‘Jane the Virgin’ didn’t really talk about Jane losing her V-card.

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It was a milestone moment for Jane who had been waiting for a long time, but the show was casual about it. In the third episode of season 3, Jane and Michael find a moment in the bedroom and work. Jane and Michael looked at each other with love, but we got to see it all.

The series decided not to portray the actual moment, but instead focused on an animated scene, meaning Jane was no longer a virgin. It was not everything Jane expected, and the show played it realistically. He worries about Michael and is not friendly to him but his anxiety eventually disappears when they make another attempt. Some fans were disappointed as the series narrowed the moment, but there was a reason for it.

Jane’s relationships and intimacy in ‘Jane the Virgin’

When he and Jane get together in the season, Jane and Michael get together, that — whether or not — that angle finally comes, over time, Jane becomes comfortable with her sexuality and the intimacy that comes with relationships. .

Jane is intimate with only three men throughout the show, during a serious relationship with each of them. Michael was her longest lover, whom she loved and lost her virginity. Rafael and Jane’s chemistry won every viewer’s heart, so when they get together, it’s one of the best things about the show!

The third and only second man, Jane, is intimate with Adam, her lover when he was 19 years old. He returns in the later seasons and they stay for a short time, but eventually breaks down when he gets a job offer. Her first time with Michael was not as special as she expected it to be, but the decisive moment convinced her as always!

Who is your favorite partner for Jane? Michael, Rafael, or Adam? Tell us in the comments.

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