John Cena married Shay Shritzadeh in October

Recent reports claim that the couple tied their knots in a private ceremony on October 12 in Tampa, Florida. While no other details about the ceremony were made available to the public, Sina and Sharitzadeh’s marriage was confirmed from other sources such as TMR Sports. While TMZ Sports came out for comment, there is no statement from Cena about their marriage.

The news about their marriage was foretold when Shariatadeh was seen wearing a ring while walking in a park in San Diego with his better half. Further sources have revealed that both of them applied for the marriage certificate earlier this month. The 43-year-old actor also tweeted a few lines about the wedding and as such, proved the evidence for the claim.

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Who is shayarazadeh?

Shay Shariatzadeh was reported to have been born in Iran but later found a Canadian citizen. Last April, E! Mike Walpo and Jessica Cardenas of Online said Shariatadeh received a bachelor’s degree in electrical and electronics engineering from Columbia University, UK.

Shay Shariatzadeh now serves as the product manager at a Motorola solution company in Avignon. The couple was spotted in Vancouver several times but continued to keep their affairs low-key. In October 2019, Sina and Shay Sharizadeh showed up at the red carpet premiere for Sina’s film Playing with Fire.

The 16-time WWE World Champion was previously married to Elizabeth Huberdue from 2009–12. Earlier, Bella and Cena were claimed to have dated each other for six years, but they were related to some personal problems. While Bella wanted to settle down, Cena was not ready to have children.

This is all we need about John Cena. For more updates, follow our page Tecake.

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