Jujutsu kaisen episode 14 release date, english sub preview, spoiler

The second courtyard is finally here and those who have been eagerly awaiting the release date of Jujutsu Ksen Episode 14 are finally here and this episode will finally air for everyone to see this week.

Jujutsu kassen The first ang ended in 2020 and now the second courtyard will start this week and I’m sure you’ve been waiting for Episode 14 for the longest time yet.

Because of the new year, the anime took a break and even though everyone was busy enjoying their weekends and the beginning of the new year, everyone definitely missed the jujutsu kaisen episode.

Itadori and Nanami fought against Mahito and almost won. But somehow Mahito managed to escape in his life and this left Yuji beyond the core.

Mahito executed a major incident and Yuvji lost a friend of his as it was the first time he had killed someone. Itadori is the one who never vowed to kill anyone, and after this fight, killing Mahito has become his motive for life.

But the incident is over for now and the upcoming Jujutsu Kaisen episode 14 will be about the Jujutsu Tech Exchange incident that was mentioned at the beginning of the series.

Megumi and Nobara who still believe that Yuyugi is dead, will know the truth of his being alive in the coming episodes. Yuji Itadori will once again join his teammates and only the upcoming episodes will tell us how it turned out.

Satoru Gozo was hiding Itadori from all eyes so that he could become stronger and the upper management who planned his death would be silent for some time. But now when he makes his entry, what will happen?

2021 is going to be a hot year for anime fans as we get 13 more jujutsu kesen episodes and anime titles Tower of god season 2 And Dragon ball super 2 Will be renewed for a new season.

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 14 Release Date

This is the beginning of a new year and the beginning of the second courtyard of the jujutsu kassen anime. Fans will debut the episode with Episode 14 and a release date has been officially announced.

Even the jujutsu kassen imdb page featured a total of 13 episodes, so some fans got confused that season 1 had ended but it didn’t. We have thirteen more episodes to go and each one is going to be terrible.

Jujutsu Kassen App 14 is titled “Kyoto Sister School Exchange Event-Group Battle 0” and will premiere this Saturday on 16 January 2021. This Crunchyroll will be available for viewing on the official website.

There are many other anime websites that upload episodes, but we ask you to stay away from them and only support official releases.

One piece manga 1001 And My Hero Academia 297 Also released this week, so you should watch them while waiting for the jujutsu kassen anime to return this week.

Jujutsu kassen ep 14 ing sub preview and spoiler

The preview for Episode 14 was released and we got an extreme peak of what we can expect in the upcoming episode. We heard about the exchange event after Yuvji informally died around Episode 6 and we would finally see it in action.

The first, second, and third years will gather and we will get to see a big fight in the upcoming episodes. Jujutsu upper upper management When the youngsters find out that they are alive, they make sure to take action.

Todo will be the one to induct Yuyugi at the behest of Principal Gakuganji. To some people this may seem like a bad thing but in the series ahead, it will lead to a brotherhood between the two.

Many exciting events are about to unfold and you should not miss a single episode. So we ask you to watch the upcoming jujutsu kaisen episode 14 as it airs and watch it using official means only.

Here is an English lightning preview of the upcoming episode 14 of the Jujutsu Cassane anime.

Let us know what is your opinion about the upcoming Jujutsu Kesen episode, see in the comment below and see more of our articles. Haiku season 5 And Danmachi season 4.

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