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‘Leggis’ producer Julie Pleck has been quite vocal about the possibility of bringing Caroline and Bonnie back someday. With season 3 around the corner, will we see him revisiting his roles?

Samantha Caroline Forbes who is a Good vampire And don’t go around killing people (remember)the Vampire Diaries’Season 5;), and the witch who is always ready to sacrifice herself for her friends, Bonnie bennett, Yet to enter fantasy drama series’Inheritance’. Two seasons have passed and we are eagerly awaiting that day. Let’s find out if we ever meet Whether or not he is surprised to see his iconic roles in the future.


  • Where is Caroline Forbes?
  • Is Kat Graham ready to return as Bonnie in ‘Legacy’s’ Season 3?
  • Will Julie Please Bring Caroline and Bonnie on ‘Legacy’ Season 3?

Where is Caroline Forbes?

Caroline is the surrogate mother of Alaric’s twins who have been very absent from her life. The twins are told that they are busy Supernatural Teens for Salvatore School, But, in fact, she is looking for a way to ensure that both of her daughters survive and that The Merge will not happen. The magical process that the Gemini twins must undertake to determine the leader of the covenant. The strong twin will absorb the powers of the weak twin, while the other dies at the age of twenty-two.

During season 2, Josie bothered with his black magic to pursue The Merge, but the result was unclear. Thanks to Hope, who forced Lizzie For (second twin) Landon, she came back to life. Lizzie considered herself victorious but told the necromancer that she did not feel as if she had absorbed her sister’s power. This would mean that the merge was not successful.

Therefore, in order to convince the audience that Caroline would have to continue her mission and one day pop-up out of the blue, with a measure to save her daughters.

In an interview with “Cinema Bland”In 2018, Julie Plec explained that if Caroline was to go there for this huge event in her life, it would be for a good cause.

Is Kat Graham ready to return as Bonnie in ‘Legacy’s’ Season 3?

The witch who was always there to save her loved ones from any catastrophe, Bonnie is yet to be seen on the ‘Legacies’. After ‘The Vampire Diaries’ ended in 2017, Bonnie Bennett is only mentioned in its spin-off show ‘Paris’ and’Basic’ But there was never an appearance.

Will Julie Plec Bring Caroline and Bonnie on ‘Legacy’ Season 3

Bonnie, who has been through many changes from a witch, to anchor, a vampire hunt, to a powerful psychic, was last seen saving the day as usual in the closing season of ‘The Vampire Diaries’. In the end, Bonnie bid goodbye to her hometown and finally to enjoy her life and travel the world.

Only up until the time his name is mentioned in the series, assuming he is back in Mystic Falls and ready to jump to the rescue, but from afar. His return remains a big question because in an interview “TV Guide”, Kat Graham announced how she felt that Bonnie Bennett’s chapter was closed and didn’t feel like a character who was around ten years of her life.

Will Julie Please Bring Caroline and Bonnie on ‘Legacy’ Season 3?

Julie Plec has always responded positively to Caroline and Bonnie’s ‘Legacies’, especially during interviews or while interacting with fans of the spin-off series.

In an interview with “TV Guide”In 2019, Julie Plec stated that the decision to appear on ‘ies Legacies’ is entirely up to Candice King.” She admitted that the desire to see Caroline Forbes on ‘Legacy’ is strong. But it’s mostly a matter of finding the right story and the right opportunity for Candice.

Plec further stated that he is also Open to the idea of ​​bony coming back.

“The door is always open, and it’s really a matter of being able to take interest from these actors and the opportunity for the story at the right time”.

As season 3 draws closer to its potential release in January 2020, we can’t help but hope that King and Graham will appear in ‘Legacy’. A short glimpse of him would certainly leave fans of the supernatural teen drama series, if not for the long term.

Are you looking forward to the return of Caroline and Bonnie? Which other character do you want to see in ‘Legacy’? Let us know in the comment section below.

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