Jumanji 4 is in development, leading star Dwayne Johnson confirms!

Following Jumanji: The Miracle Level which was released in December 2019, director Jake Kasdan and lead star Dwayne Johnson have confirmed that the franchise is planning the next installment and is already in the early stages of development.

Kasdan explained, “We’re just starting to talk about all of that, and the truth is that we have barely started [on the film]. “He adds,” We were joining the conversation before this global disaster and we will rejoin it as everyone settles down. We all like to work together and we have loved making them.

Dwayne Johnson is also gearing up to produce the next film. He said, “First of all, thank you. Secondly, I am forever grateful to see my Jumanji that this unique, fun magic and myna for the families around [world] Having fun. “He adds,” Our entire team will work even harder to make the next Jumanji the best. “

The franchise has made a commendable profit in box office collections over its budget, and because of this, the sequel is almost inevitable.

What can we expect from Jumanji 4?

The original Jumanji film released in 1995 was followed by Welcome to the Jungle and The Miracle Level which was released in December 2017 and 2019 respectively.

Although it was expected that the film would be received by December 2021 following the pattern, it is a bit skeptical which is due to the coronovirus epidemic. The ongoing pandemic has caused delays in the production process and may extend the release date of the upcoming Jumanji film.

It is expected that Dwayne Johnson, Karen Gillan, Kevin Hart and Jack Black will return in the upcoming film. It is also expected that Alex Wolff, Madison Isman, Serador Blaine, Morgan Turner and Danny DeVito may return in the film.

In addition, Jefferson ‘Seaplane’ McDonough and Ming Fleetfoot as Nick Jonas and Akuwafina, and Colin Hanks as Alex Wryke may also return in the upcoming sequel.

So far, the trailer for the upcoming Jumanji has not been released as the film has started the production process. In the upcoming film, the exploration team will once again enter the world of Jumanji Khel.

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