‘Just Another Christmas’ is a must watch if you are bored with Christmas romance!

It comes that time of the year again, when all the streaming platforms bombard you with romantic holiday movies, it is hard to find a good Christmas movie that you can laugh at just by opening your heart. But this year Netflix Probably the best solution to this problem.

Netflix is ​​bringing a new Christmas themed film ‘Just another christmas’Which is a Brazilian comedy film. The original Netflix film is originally in Portuguese, but is scheduled to be in an English dub. Now you are wondering what is different in this film compared to other Christmas releases? Well here it goes.

How would you feel if you continued to live the most horrible day of your life? Sounds scary doesn’t it? It is Christmas day for George that he travels the most. Just because he was born on 25 December, his birthday is always under the supervision of Christmas festivals, foggy relatives, guests etc.

On Christmas Eve of 2010, George falls from the roof of his house and wakes up the other day. But to her fear, it is still Christmas Eve and what is more scary is that a whole year passed and now it is Christmas Eve of 2011! He realizes that he is re-living his bad days as he wakes up on Christmas Eve every year and is apparently of the same age. Every year he learns that there have been some changes in the past year, which leads to hilarious events.

In 10 nights he arrives at 2021, where he learns that his wife has left him, and she is living alone. George decides that he has been experiencing these “time jumps” of “Groundhog Day” since his fall and that he must recreate that accident to regain his memories and past life.
This will create a frenetic scenario that can entertain the audience and present them something different this Christmas.

Just Another Christmas’ Star – Leandro Hasum, Alyssa Pinheiro, Danielle Win. Roberto Santucci works as the film’s director. It’s coming on Netflix on December 3, 2020!

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