Kaatrukenna Veli 5th May 2021 Written Update: Meenakshi is devastated learning that Surya has gone to meet Saradha

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The episode starts with Vasuki enquiring Mahadevan about his family. Mahadevan says that he’s married and have a son. Vasuki’s mother asks where he’s wife is. Mahadevan says that his wife is sitting in front of them. Vasuki and her mother realize that Mahadevan is Saradha’s husband. They apologize to Mahadevan for mistaking him for car driver. Saradha tells that Vennila studies in Mahadevan’s college. Vasuki asks how Vennila is doing in her studies. Mahadevan praises Vennila and says that she won the first prize in the elocution competition. Vasuki and her mother get glad hearing this. Vasuki and her mother decides to take their leave before Vennila’s dad, Varathan, returned home. Mahadevan offers to drop them, but they refuse as if Vennila dad sees them, he will create problem. Vasuki gets confirmation that Mahadevan stays with Saradha as they worried that Vennila dad cause any trouble to Saradha. Mahadevan asks if Varadhan is behind Saradha’s accident. Vasuki denies it and assures that he can’t go to the extent of taking one’s life. They both take their leave.

In the classroom, Rupa is telling about the struggles she faces in her food delivery job and they laugh. Abhi gets irked seeing Vennila laughing. Tamish tells Vennila to be always happy. Vennila asks why Surya hasn’t come yet for class. Tamish says that he will Just then another professor comes to take class. Abhi asks about Surya. That professor says that Surya has to urgently go out of the city, so he’s taking class in his hour. Abhi wonders why Surya has gone out of the city. Vennila is also wonder why he suddenly went out of the town.

Abhi goes to the office and asks the staff if he knows where Surya has gone. The staff says that Surya asked to book his fight to him and reveals that he went to Madurai. Abhi wonders why Surya went to Madurai.

Bhanumathi and Shyamala see Meenakshi happy and discuss that Meenakshi is happy that Surya agreed not to meet Saradha. Meenakshi asks Bhanumathi to call their family josiyar to discuss about Surya’s marriage as they got lot of marriage proposals for Surya. Bhanumathi reminds her that Surya sais that he’s not ready for the marriage. Meenakshi is confident that Surya will listen to her and tells that Surya agreed not to meet Saradha for her sake. Bhanumathi says that Saradha is Surya’s mother and what’s wrong if Surya wants to meet his mother. Meenakshi says that Saradha left Surya when he was kid. Bhanumathi mutters that Meenakshi separated the mother and son. Bhanumathi says that what Surya did is wrong and what’s wrong in apologizing to Saradha for that. Shyamala also talks in favor of Saradha which angers Meenakshi. Meenakshi scolds them for taking Saradha’s side and happily says that Surya won’t go against her words.

Meenakshi receives Abhi’s call, who informs about Surya’s sudden trip to Madurai and tells that Surya may have gone to Madurai to meet Saradha. Meenakshi gets shocked. She tells that Surta betrayed her and went to Madurai to meet Saradha. She angrily throws the coffee mug.

Varadhan and Vishni are waiting in the Police station as Police called them regarding Saradha’s accident case. Saradha and Mahadevan reach the Police station. Saradha asks Mahadevan not to say anything inside th Police station. Mahadevan agrees. Mahadevan notices Varadhan and Vishnu glaring at them and asks Saradha who they’re. Saradha says that they’re Vennila’s father and brother. Mahadevan introduces himself to Varadhan, but Varadhan ignores him.

The inspector tells that they can’t find the car that hinted Saradha and they have doubt only on Varadhan as everyone knows the rivalry between them. Saradha says that Varadhan has grown unnecessary enmity with her. Varadhan says that he’s hell angry with Saradha.

The episode ends.

Precap: Varadhan threatens to jump from the terrace if the principal doesn’t fire Saradha from the professor job.

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