Kakegurui Season 3: Has the show been renewed for a third season?

Kakegurui is one of the most popular manga. An anime based on this manga was also released in 2017. The anime had a wide audience and fans are now eagerly waiting for Kakegurui season 3 to hit the screen. The series has been produced by MAPPA Studios and it is up to them to decide on a series upgrade. The first season premiered on January 14, 2018. The show has also worked on Netflix Originals for show lovers. The series has received many positive reactions for the first two seasons. However, nothing has been confirmed for a third. Unfortunately, this topic is not talked about in Netflix. It is up to the production studio to continue or not.

However, fans can expect to hear updates soon. If the show keeps coming back, we can expect it to air in late 2021. Given current epidemic conditions, it may affect production.

Story of kakegurui

The story takes place at Hayakou Private Academy. It is an institution for the privileged and was established long ago. Unlike the general academy, gambling determines how students are ranked here. They have to give their fate to the student council. Those who give the most are widely accepted by all. Students who win high bets in gambling are considered popular and effective. The one who loses becomes inferior to him and sinks in debt forever. However, the story revolves around the life of the protagonist Yumeko Jabami in this academy. She is beautiful, but also a gambling addict. However, the series differs slightly from manga and anime.

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Other updates on Kakegurui season 3

Season 3 of Kakegurui has not received any green signal so far. Fans eagerly await the studio opening for the third season. However, we know that the show has not been canceled and can expect a season very soon. There is enough source material for another season and a loyal fanbase with it.

The main cast of Kakagurui includes Yumeko as Minne Hamabe, Ryota Suzui as Mahiro Takasugi, Ayi Morikawa as Mary Sautome. And also Keda Manuda as Taishi Nakgave, Yuma Yamoto as Zuma, Matsum Mito with others. However, there will be a new season. worth the wait.

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