Kamal ki wow with Sri Sri’s poem in Big Boss! – TheMiracleTech

A viral video of India’s famous narrator Kamal Haasan reciting Jagannath Radha Chakral from the iconic Telugu poet Sri Sri’s Mahaprasthanam has been wooing fans since last night. On Sunday’s episode of Bigg Boss Tamil, Kamal recited the famous Telugu poem in his trademark baritone voice.

The short video clip shows Kamal telling Bigg Boss about the beauty of the Telugu language and how the famous hypocritical Tamil poet Bharathiyar called ‘Sundar Tenungu (beautiful Telugu)’ before reciting poetry to Telugu.

Kamal for the first time. Balachander recited Sri Sri’s poem by Akali Rajam in his landmark film in 1981. As a hot-leader youth in the film, Kamal recites ‘Pony Pony Pothe Pony’ from Mahaprasthanam in a confrontational scene with his father. He also recited other poems of Sri Sri in the film on various occasions.

While the introduction of lotus to Telugu requires no introduction, which surprises everyone how many years later he still remembers the poetry of Sri Sri. Well, let’s talk about the ultimate talent!

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