Kayla Braxton tears in disgusting fans at Kovid-19 jokes

Kayla Braxton tears into disgusting fans over Kovid-19 jokes. The WWE reporter was booed with fans for making fun of contracting the disease.

Kayla Braxton is suffering from 2020. The WWE correspondent has succumbed to the disease not once but twice in the same year. However instead of garnering sympathy from fans, he has become part of many cruel jokes.

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Braxton revealed on Twitter that tonight he has lost someone to a terrible disease. Entering his account, he saw all the jokes he was tagged with. This caused fans to explode on social media for their retaliatory actions.

Kayla Braxton tears tears at fans hating Kovid-19 jokes

“While I was at work tonight, I received a call that Kovid, a person very close to me, had died. And as I logged on to this platform tonight, I saw many hateful tweets tagging me earlier this year to make jokes about me when I got a virus. U of fu *. “She wrote.

Earlier tonight, WWE confirmed that the WWE Champion Drew McIntire contracted the disease. Fortunately for him, he is asymptomatic. He nevertheless urged fans to exercise caution and stay safe. However despite their current status, He accepted Goldberg’s title challenge. The two will face each other at the Royal Rumble.

Despite McIntyre’s precautions, there are no symptoms, the heart is warmed to think that many people have questioned the disease and the use of masks. Add in the fact that WWE has gone out of its way not to mention the disease and it is a welcome move by WWE to spread awareness about prevention.

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