Kazem El-Saher’s arrival in Basra, Iraq.. The reality of a video that caused a stir

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Country- Hours before the start of the twenty-fifth edition of the “Arabian Gulf Cup” football tournament, which will be held this year in IraqSocial media users circulated a video that was said to be of the Iraqi star Kazem El Saher’s arrival to Basra to celebrate the opening ceremony, to show that the video was old and taken years ago.

Incorrect news about the arrival of Kazem El Saher at Basra Airport

And the Tsar, as his fans call him, appeared greeting crowds of fans inside what appeared to be an airport, and the video publishers commented by saying, “News of the arrival of Kazem Al-saher to Basra International Airport.”

In the video, Kazem Al-Saher appeared as he entered the airport gate, and a number of fans rushed to him to hug him, while one of them raised the Iraqi flag.

And then he is taken to a large hall, where he sees dozens of fans cheering, welcoming him, and the voices of women are loud.

He sees Kazem returning the salutations to them, and notices the presence of airport policemen wearing blue uniforms with the word “police” written on them.

Incorrect news about the arrival of Kazem El Saher at Basra Airport
Incorrect news about the arrival of Kazem El Saher at Basra Airport

Auckland airport in New Zealand

A report by the agency indicatedAFPThrough the “Arabic News Verification Service,” the video was taken nine years ago in New Zealand.

The clip dates back to 2013

A search for the circulating clip using keywords such as “Kazem El-Saher’s reception at the airport” led to a longer version published in 2013 on YouTube.

According to the accompanying commentary, the video documents the moment Kazem El-Saher arrived at Auckland Airport in New Zealand.

Indeed, the phrase “Auckland Airport” can be seen, which is the name of the airport in the city located in the north of the North Island, New Zealand, and Al-Saher had already held a party there in 2013.

In a related context, another video was circulated, whose publishers claimed that it was of the arrival of “Al-Saher” to Basra to revive the opening ceremony. However, the video was actually filmed years ago in Tunisia.

In the video, Kazem al-Saher appears as he moves inside what appears to be an airport surrounded by a number of people, journalists and photographers, and the accompanying commentary reads, “The moment Tsar Kazem al-Saher arrived in Basra after an absence of two decades.”

And it was stated in other publications that Al-Saher arrived to revive the opening ceremony.Gulf 25”
It should be mentioned that the Iraqi artist “Kazem El-Saher” left Iraq in 1997 and did not participate since then in concerts there, and his last visit was in 2011 as part of a campaign by the United Nations Children’s Fund “UNICEF”.

The tournament, which will be hosted by the city of Basra between January 6 and January 19, 2023, was officially opened, on Friday, in the presence of the Swiss President of the International Federation of Football, Gianni Infantino.

Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’a al-Sudani said, announcing the start of the competitions: “Today we are opening the 25th Gulf Championship on the beloved Basra stadiums. Welcome to the Gulf youth teams, fans and fans on the land of Iraq.”

The opening ceremony was attended by the presidents of the Qatari Football Associations, Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, the Palestinian Jibril Rajoub, the Bahraini Sheikh Ali bin Khalifa, and other sports personalities from the countries of the region.

However, Kazem El-Saher did not participate in the artistic performances of the ceremony, but the Iraqi singer “Hussam Al-Rassam” and the singer “Rahma Riad” appeared.

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