“Kerry Irving violates Kevin Durant’s trust”: Stephen A. Smith attacks the Nets star after an absentee running mate. sport

Stephen A. Smith claims that Kyrie Irving’s antics may be counter-productive to his relationship and trust with the Nets’ partner Kevin Durant.

It has been over a week now for Irving. He last played an NBA game 8 days ago against the Utah Jazz. It was following the game in which both Kevin Durant and Kairi missed potential game-winning shots in open situations. The two then flared up for lack of clutch capacity.

But it has recently fallen to take on Kevin Durant’s crumbling solo genre. In Kyari’s absence, the Nets’ offense has lost a bit at times. Without KD playing, he would not have had a shot to win against the Nuggets on the previous night. Irving must return as soon as possible to claim the Nets.

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In the wake of calling members of the media as pawns before the season begins, the chickens have come to roost.

Why Stephen A. Smith Believes That Kerry Irving Has Trusted Kevin Durant

Stephen A. Smith had a field day with these allegations. He certainly would not have been pleased to hear Irving calling media members as pawns. He took the opportunity to complete this:

“After 18 years signing a 4-year, $ 140 million deal, Kyrie has played only 27 games. The Nets had reservations about awarding that deal. Why are we really looking now. “

Was hurt. Boycott of a President Media. Sage burning in TD Garden. Absent for personal reasons, and now he is completely off the grid. When the NBA is investigating whether it is going maskless for a family party! This would be a violation of the League Kovid protocol, Y’all. “

“But Kerry has already violated Kevin Durant’s trust. This is KD’s franchise. KD would not have signed with the Nets if he didn’t want to play Kyrie Irving. We don’t know where Kyrie is. But We know where Kevin Durant is – right under damn. “

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