“Kerry Irving went from Robin for Kevin James to Alfred for Lebanon James”: Shannon Sharp scoffs with James Harden in the Nets star’s newly formed Big 3. sport

Kiri Irving has been in the discussion late for all the wrong reasons. He is now flirted with Shannon Sharp who thinks he will be the Nets’ third option.

The James Harden trade has changed the NBA landscape significantly. The Nets are now favorites to win the East and face the Lakers in the final. Kevin Durant vs. LeBron James in the finals may once again be exactly what the Doctor ordered in terms of NBA popularity.

Superteams boost and significantly follow a league’s viewership. They are a big attraction for casual fans. Ratings almost came back during Michael Jordan’s days in the league during the KD Warriors era. This trade will definitely enhance the outline of the league.

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However, the move leads Kyrie into a tertiary offensive role – something he never did. The likes of Kendrick Perkins and Shannon Sharp have raised serious doubts over his ability to fit into it.

Shannon Sharp called Kerry Durant and James Harden as Kerry Irving as Alfred

In the undisputed Today episode, Shannon takes on Kyrie Irving in view of ‘personal reasons’ for his absence. Shannon said that Kyari is definitely going to be essentially re-joining a third-wheeled role:

“I don’t care how skillful you are, someone should be 1, 2 and 3. Now all of a sudden Kyari, who didn’t want to play 2nd fiddle, is going to become 3rd fiddle? “

“Kyrie Irving did not want to be Robin for Batman. Not only is he no longer Robin, hell is he going to Alfred Butler. “

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