“Kevin Durant left me outside the club”: Wiz Khalifa revealed how the Nets superstar once ate him as Wise was stopped by the bouncers. sport


Vij Khalifa tells the story of a time when he was not allowed to go to a nightclub by Nets star Kevin Durant.

The 33-year-old rapper is an army brat who lives in locations around the world. Khalifa is indeed a multicultural rapper, with knowledge of all the places he lives. He portrays the image of the ultimate quiet stoner in today’s hip hop industry.

Khalifa is also an avid sports fan. He envisions basketball as the best way to describe hip hop culture. Many of Khalifa’s songs have made the cut for the soundtrack to the NBA 2k franchise.

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Wiz has recently started training in mixed martial arts. He has gained a biceps in his upper body, his trunk and a ton of musculature around his back. This makes him look very different from his ‘Mac and Devine’ days, when he looked like a walking stick. We are all for this healthy lifestyle change he made.

Vij Khalifa described how Kevin Durant fed him outside a nightclub

The Pittsburgh rapper told us about the time when Kevin Durant once ate him outside a nightclub:

“Kevin Durant, homie from back in the day. Do you remember when you left me outside the club? Yes, man, he left me outside the club. “

“We were bouts to come to the club and they saw him and they (presumably the bouncers) saw everyone he was with, and they were like, ‘Yal can meet but he can’t.’ [Durant] Was like, ‘Brother, I’m going to see you later, yo.’

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“But what did I do, though … I came back, right? And I came back to the club and I met them there, you know what I’m saying,” Vij said. “Because I’m somebody I’m not slaughter, you feel me? “No love lost, drama … It’s all good. Don’t even travel. It’s not your fault.”

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