“Kevin Durant was like a video game”: The Knights’ Rocky Emmanuel Quickley sees LeBron James of the Lakers picking up the Netters star as his biggest rival. sport

Emanuel Quickley says Kevin Durant is the greatest player he has ever played against and the shot he plays reminds him of 2K.

With the news breaking that James Harden is making his way to the Brooklyn Nets, it can be easy to forget that the Nets actually played a game last night. He faced off against the New York Nucks.

The Nets beat the Knicks 116-109 quite well, with Kevin Durant drizzling a light 26 points to go with 6 assassins. He also shot an efficient 10-18 from the field.

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It seems as if the Nets do not need to take full force to defeat the Nets as they were missing key pieces tonight. Kyari has been missing in action for 5 games now, while Caris Lavert and Jarrett Allen have been traded to the Pacers and Cavs respectively.

After playing against him, New York Knox was in awe because of Kevin Durant

Although it was clear that Knott would not be able to get this out of the get-go, they fought well. Most notably, the fraudster who dropped out of Kentucky dropped 19 points against the Nets.

Following his loss to the Nets, Emmanuel Quickly attended his postgame interview to tell him about Kevin Durant after playing for the first time. He said, “Kevin Durant is the greatest player I’ve ever played against. He fired a shot at me and it was like a video game. “

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Many of the rogues in the NBA are in awe of current superstars in the league. This is essentially because they grew up watching those superstars dominate the league.

In this case, Quickly grew up watching KK Durant during his OKC and Warriors sign. He is, after all, only 21 years old, so when KD made his first final, Quickly was only 12 years old.

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