“Kiri Irving has upset Nets management”: NBA reporter claims Brooklyn Nets have had minimal contact with their star for ‘personal reasons’. sport

An NBA reporter says that the Brooklyn Nets’ front office is saddened by missing 5 consecutive games from Qui Irving for personal reasons.

Kyrie Irving had an agenda going into this 2020–21 NBA season, perhaps keeping a low profile throughout the season. He therefore told the media that he would not answer any questions until further notice.

Fast forward to today and Kyrie Irving is being talked about more than any other superstar in the league. Kyari’s mysterious absence from the game seems to have put him in tabloid more often when he is actually suing for the game.

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It is still unclear why Currie has not shown up to play with his Nets teammates. Kevin Durant comes out saying this in support of his friend and 100% support the Nets organization Kairi.

The Nets are unhappy with Kyrie Irving

Although KD and head coach Steve Nash came out in support of the decision to stop Cree, the Nets’ organization may not be the type.

Anthony Puccio of the association said that the Nats organization was growing restless with Kyrie Irving’s antics. He said, “How much patience does Swami Joi have with Irving? Communication is minimized. The front office has made it clear that they are unhappy with the superstar’s actions. “

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The reasons why Irving stopped playing are still up in the air. Recently a video surfaced, in which Irving confessed to be having his sister’s birthday party. The Nets have decided to investigate this video and possibly fix the superstar.

What can be the results of Kyrie Irving’s actions?

Carrie Irving and Kevin Durant are the de facto leaders of this net team when on the court. It seems that leaving his team for the party, does not set a very good example for his teammates.

Kiri Irving’s chemistry with the team could also be a hit as he has missed almost all the games he has played this season. With Spencer Dinwiddie, top-level guard play from Kyrie Irving is required.

If Kyrie had been present during this stretch of the game, the Nets would have probably been above .500. Whatever happens after this, the lorry room cannot happen once because Kyrie Irving returns.

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