Know here that Hansal Mehta said that the scam was the best Indian show of all time in 1992.

Cheers Scam 1992 Ever since it premiered on SonyLIV, it has been winning acclaim. The appreciation from the audience has helped it to top the IMDb rating, becoming the highest rated Indian show on the ratings website. Not only this, word of mouth advertising has made it to the top of the list of best Indian shows of all time by word of mouth.

The scam 1992 super success prompted its director, acclaimed National Award-winning filmmaker Hansal Mehta, to post a lengthy message on Twitter, thanking him for applauding entertainment and SonyLIV for giving him the freedom to scam 1992 in his own way Thanked The heartfelt and passionate post is an eye-opening film and a lesson for aspiring filmmakers who want to achieve success in cinema and web entertainment.

Hansal Mehta said on Twitter, “The value of manufacturers who do not impose unnecessary knowledge, market figures, big stars, and formula story devices cannot be more apparent than in the success of the scam 1992. Facilitate your creative team – not freedom from money and see results. I am very grateful for this. “

He continued, “We have created this show with confidence, passion and conviction. With a brilliant producer or stage, this would not be possible. Providing the best directors, technicians, and creative professionals powerless with a lack of independence and confidence Be done. Trust your team. They’ll deliver. Nurture them, don’t teach them. Believe in talent, not in formula. Trust not only numbers, but your heart. Invest in stories, Not in the stars. “

Every word of Hansal Mehta is so true, especially in today’s world when a glimmer of content comes on the multitude of streaming platforms, and most of all without a trace.

See twitter post of Hansal Mehta here.

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