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Meth cook Walter White and his cynic Jessie Pinkman made millions of cooking meth for Gus Fringe. How much did they get to keep?

For his fans, AMC Produced tv show ‘Breaking bed‘Represented the field of visual entertainment. The show is still remembered by millions of people around the world 7 years after its final episode. The show’s struggle revolves around Walter White, A high school chemistry teacher, was Meth Kingpin and her partner Jessie Pinkman. Both sold large amounts of meth over the course of 5 seasons, named Drug Distributor. Gus Fing, And makes millions who do so.


  • Overview of ‘Breaking Bad’
  • Earned money, spent, invested and wasted by both
  • Number Crunching – How much does it end with Jessie?

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Walter White and Jessie operating Anything from a status of a stolen RV van and art lab in homes infested with pests, but smooth, has really shown how flexible the drug business can be. Walter and Jessie worked under some drug distributors, notably Crazy-8, Tuco Salamanca, and Gus Fringe; All of which he murdered. So, the question arises, How much money did they make? And how much of it was given to them so that how the show ended? let’s find out!

Overview of ‘Breaking Bad’

A fifty year old, surplus, and unfit High School Chemistry Teacher Walter White Cancer is detected and decides to roam its entire life. Came to the conclusion that his cancer treatment and his eventual death would leave 4 of his family (his wife and his two children) completely and broke down financially; He partnered with his former student and currently wanted to manufacture and sell criminal Jesse Pinkman a highly addictive and profitable drug called methamphetamine.Meth“.

Breaking Bad ‘Jessie Pinkman

Walter’s work ethic and scientific knowledge allows him to cook the highest quality meth and overcome all competition (and also attract the attention of the DEA and other dealers). Initially, they try to sell their product to local dealers like Crazy-8 and Tuco but kill them due to mutual enmity. The couple finds a suitable employer in Goose Fringe, a professional under whom they work the longest.

However, they also kill him if he tries to kill them first. From that point to the end, they both have a partnership with Todd and his uncle. In the final episode of the 5th season, Walter White is killed as he kills Todd’s uncle and frees Jesse from captivity.

Earned, spent, invested and wasted by both

In the beginning, neither Walter nor Jessie had to work financially with Walter to end up working 2 and Jessie was a small-time meth cook. Walter had rising bills from his cancer treatment and his entire life savings of $ 7000 that he had lent to JV to buy an RV.

Walt figures that he would need about $ 737k to give up cooking meth, but Jessie has no such figure in his mind at any point in the show. Both make 3 million each work for 3 months under Goose Fringe. Walter decides to buy a car wash for 800k so that money can be looted and Beneke also has to pay a fine of $ 621,552.33; Meanwhile, Jessie buys 400k from her parents back at her aunt’s house.

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Finally, Walter and Skyler are seen with a huge pile of cash, which they estimate to be $ 27 million in loose currency. Jesse was never for money, he was primarily for the freedom that such money could buy. On the show, he appears at his house party tossing cash and then, later, when a man tries to steal 75k from his house, he seems disgruntled.

Number Crunching – How much does it end with Jessie?

Jessie threw about 5 million dollars Whom Walt gave him before the ditch and sided with the DEA. In the cinemaway’, A free Jessie receives a ton of cash from Todd’s apartment, but has to split it with a former acquaintance and is $ 250k to $ 1800. Jessie then kills this man and takes cash. He uses 250k of his new fortune to buy a new identity and begin his life in Alaska.

Walter and Jessie make millions of dollars but are unable to keep it all. With the money they get to keep, they manage to do a little good for themselves and their families. Share your thoughts about the show ending in the comment box below.

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