Know how the peasants’ movement became the new support for the livelihood of some people?

The agitation of farmers on the borders of Delhi continues immediately on the forty-fifth day in protest against the three new agricultural legal guidelines of the Center. While farmers are adamant on repealing the legal guidelines, they have declared conflict with the authorities over the difficulty. At the same time, this peasant movement has transformed into a new way of life for some people.

Prior to the Corona virus epidemic, Rakesh Arora used to promote items at India Gate, however after the lockdown all things were closed and it became difficult to move accommodation. Now as a result of the farmers’ movement on the Singhu border, they have livelihood support and sell badges and stickers.

Farmers have been demonstrating on Delhi’s borders for more than six weeks and during this time some distributors from the neighborhood have arrived here to boost prices. Several distributors promoting badges and stickers of ‘I Love Farming’, ‘I Love Kisan’ and ‘Kisan Ekta Zindabad’ are coming on the protest website. Almost all protesters have put up badges while stickers have been placed on tractors and trolleys.

Rakesh Arora and his nephew arrived here with a cost of Rs 2500 from Ambala and till now they have paid Rs 700 for the badge and poster. Arora mentioned that I used to promote items at India Gate, though the enterprise cannot run after the lockdown. So we decided to run a store close to the display website.

Electrician Aman of Okhla in Delhi is also engaged in promoting badges and stickers here as a result of the work. He mentioned that the income will not be very high, although work is going on. Every day 15-20 people buy badge-stickers.

Moin (17) and Nadef (11) hailing from Loni in Uttar Pradesh are doing related work. Moin, who started the store on the Singhu border last week, mentioned that we put 500 badges and stickers every day. Up to 300 of these are offered.

Chandan Kumar, who has been running the {electrical} home appliance store on the Singhu border for the last 5 years, can promote stickers and badges in his store with the slogan ‘An Kisan Nahi To Aan Nahi’. He mentioned that electric energy will not work. I felt that the farmers wanted to get a sticker throughout the movement, so I started ordering it at the Kashmiri Gate Market.

For over a month, 1000 farmers have been opposing three agrarian legal guidelines on various borders of Delhi.

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