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A lot of unexpected things happened on the finale of ‘Virgin River’ season 1, but did Jack and Mel make it to bed?

fans of ‘Virgin river’They are eagerly waiting for Jack and Mel to become an official couple, since the day they met their eyes in Episode 1. Things got complicated after Charmaine’s revelation. Interesting to find out for fans who missed the last episode Did Rome and Mel sleep together despite shocking news from Charmaine.


  • What happened at the finale of The Virgin River ‘Season 1?
  • Did Mel and Jack revel in Dharmin because of being together?

What happened at the finale of The Virgin River ‘Season 1?

In the final episode of the series, Paige reveals that she was divorced from her husband. He had to flee with his son despite not having custody. In another scene, Hope unconsciously and carelessly tells Mel Charmaine is pregnant By jack. Mel is hurt by this information and with the fact that Jack has hidden this fact from him.

After this, Jack is seen fighting with Brady, who later reunites with Calvin.

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Frustrated, Mel sees flashbacks of the confrontation in which her husband was killed. Later, Preacher visited Peggy’s house and found blood on the floor.

Mel is not able to deal with the fact that Charmaine is pregnant with the person he loves. She storms out Jack said he wouldn’t decide everything.

Jack and Mel Virgin River

Asha feels bad about her results when she reveals the news to Mel. The doctors hand him divorce papers, which is the last thing at that time. He apologizes for refusing to accept his apology for twenty years. Doc also regrets breaking the wedding vow. They both kiss and make up.

Did Mel and Jack revel in Dharmin because of being together?

Jack comes to see Mel, once again, to try to get things out. He confesses that the way he feels about her couldn’t feel for Cramine. He is falling in love with her. He asks her to be a part of his life despite everything. Mel reminds her of her child and the fact that she cannot have children.

She emotionally tells him that Charmaine gets with Jack what he may never have. She accepts that she cannot face the fact and that is too much for her. Jack knows that asking for mail is too much, but tells him to stay back. She tells him that he needs time to make a decision.

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Later, Mel packs his sister and tells her that she is returning home. Therefore, prebirds did not sleep with each other on season 1. We will have to wait for season 2 to know if their romance continues. ‘Virgin River’ season 2 Will answer those who suppress the questions.

Let us know that you like the pair of Mel and Jack on ‘Virgin River’. Give your thoughts in the comment box below.

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