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‘Homeland’ season 8 has been filmed around the world and in many locations, and we are going to tell you which ones.

‘Homeland’ is undoubtedly one of the best spy thriller series out there. The way the writers create the drama and suspense is remarkable and keeps the audience connected to the show!


  • ‘Homeland’ is filmed all over the world
  • Where was ‘Homeland’ season 8 filmed?
  • Is ‘Homeland’ worth watching?

Originally adapted from The Israeli series is titled ‘Prisoners of War’., ‘Homeland’ stars Claire dens And Damian Lewis is in the lead. Dens plays Carrie Mathison, a CIA officer with bipolar disorder, and Lewis Nicholas Brody, a Marine Corps scout sniper.

Nicholas Brody is held captive by al-Qa’ida as a prisoner of war, while Claire feels he is “got changed“A threat posed by the enemy and for the country. With the story being the basis, the series is based on themes such as Carrie’s personal well-being and the dangers the nation is facing.

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Carrie tops Regardless of how he struggles with bipolar disorder And the actor surprisingly portrays her complex character. Patriotism has also been a recurring theme, in which ordinary people make extraordinary sacrifices for their country. Over the course of eight seasons, the cast and crew were shot in several locations including the US, Germany, Israel, Morocco and Hungary. Keep reading because we are going to tell you about it!

‘Homeland’ is filmed all over the world

Emmy winner series Filmed worldwide, with the last season filming in Charlotte; NC, Morocco, Germany, South Africa among others. The last seven seasons have taken actors from all over the world, as Carrie is seen doing property work in Pakistan and then leaving the CIA for Germany.

Season 7 leads Carrie out of Washington and on her way to Moscow. She repeatedly sacrifices her security to save the country, is held captive by Russian intelligence, and all this is quite chaotic. All the scenes set in Moscow were actually filmed in the city of Budapest, Hungary!

Homeland season 8

Saw the newest season Carrie who works in Kabul With the Afghan government and its sources within the Taliban. She is often seen traveling to Pakistan during this time as the two countries share a large border, but the scenes are filmed elsewhere!

Where was ‘Homeland’ season 8 filmed?

Eighth season Deeply focused on places like Pakistan and Afghanistan But the cast and crew could not film there. ‘Homeland’ season 8 was finding its way into Middle Eastern politics so perhaps filming on location was not appropriate.

The entire shooting of the season was done in Morocco, depicted as Afghanistan. This marked a comeback in the country as a lot of Season 6 was actually filmed in Ayerzazette, which is a city Morocco’s South-Central Region.

Rules and regulations in Morocco led to a lot of on-ground drama during the filming of ‘Homeland’ season 8. In an interview with “Entertainment Weekly”Slapstick Alex gans Talked through it.

“The government of Morocco is very particular about anything you have brought to the country. Even if you bring a fake weapon into the country, it has to be registered. So imagine slicing large military sets and register every bullet and account for it ”,

He said, the show benefits from mentioning a fake weapon.

Is ‘Homeland’ worth watching?

‘Homeland’ is a detective thriller that is entertaining and fast paced but is also a depiction of real world issues. This is an exaggerated version of reality, but often, we are unaware of what is happening in our own world.

Carrie ensures everything, her mental health and her personal safety so that American democracy remains intact. Every action has an impact and the show is surrounded by questions. It is Carrie’s passion for the truth and the fact that whatever appears to be simple has a secret purpose behind it.

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The story is quite controversial, but the characters have more problems than the people of the world they are trying to save. Brody tries to prove his innocence, Carrie has her own demons, and is a cliffener in almost every episode. ‘Homeland ‘Season 8 One of the best finals viewers had seen on television! It is never predictable, always keeps you guessing, and all of these almost always make sense.

Have you seen ‘Homeland’ yet? Tell us in the comments!

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