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Pedestal fans are nothing but portable electric fans.

They are devices that are electrically operated and are used to circulate cool air around your home. In tropical countries like India, the weather can be exceptionally hot and humid, which is why investing in a cool ventilation system such as this can be very helpful. Walking fan. The biggest advantage for these fans is their easy portability. Not only this, a secondary fan is also used as a secondary cooling device in Indian homes.

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Since you only need power outlets to operate them, depending on your changing requirements, they can easily be used in any room in your home. When purchasing a pedestal fan for your home, here are some things to keep in mind.


This is one of the major benefits of a pedestal fan. As these fans are lighter, you can easily move them around Easily in your home or workplace.

It can be connected to any power outlet and, while providing adequate airflow, requires less space.

Blade speed

This is another aspect of a pedestal fan that makes it a must. Many modern pedestal fans now come with different blade speeds, meaning that airflow can be easily controlled at your convenience.

Two types of pedestal fans are available:

  • Normal speed fans– It is used in areas where the climate is not too hot. (1350 rpm)
  • High Speed ​​Fan- It is used in areas where the climate is tropical in nature. (2100 rpm)


Pedestal fans were heavy at first and difficult to carry around. But now, permanent fans of the modern era are made to look cooler and feel lighter. A fan that adds theme and decor to your home or office can also be found.

Energy Saving

Speaking of energy conservation, pedestal fans are the best. One major innovation that still keeps pedestrians popular is its energy-saving feature. On your entire energy bill, these fans will help you save up to 50 percent.


A Google search will show you that some walking fans can only blow air in a particular direction. This is because they are generally made for commercial use, where there is a fan used for large rooms. However, a oscillation facility is necessary for the home. This helps in having better air circulation, thus it leads to better cooling.

Choose the Best Pedestal Fan for Your Home

It is also important to check the stability and portability of the fan once running. When summer hits, you want a pedestal fan that you can carry around the house. This will cool the air in your room and increase ventilation without taking up much space. There are trusted brands such as Luminous that offer a full range of pedestrians. They have several models (oscillation and non-oscillation) in different sweeps. Blades in models made for home purposes are made of aerodynamically engineered durable plastics that ensure smooth air flow with long-range throws. Fans use strong metal blades for commercial and industrial applications. One of the most popular pedestal fans of this brand is the Ferrari model with a rugged motor, heavy metal body and metal blades for stability and durability. Among the many types of fans in the market today, a pedestal fan is a great choice. So, this summer, choose to buy your pedestal fan online. You can go to the Luminous online website and choose the best suit according to your cooling needs!

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