Know what doctors are saying about how to avoid a sudden heart attack after corona


Along with lame dysfunction, incidents like paralysis and heart attack are also being seen in patients.
Many cases have also been reported in which it has been seen that this year, compared to last year, incidents of heart attack are being seen in Kovid patients quite a lot. In such a situation, a little vigilance can save lives.

Doctor KK Aggarwal says, you have burning sensation in the middle of your chest, suffocation, pressure, if you are feeling pain, acidity, sweating or shortness of breath, then immediately chew a water soluble aspirin 300 ml tablet. The probability of dying decreases by 22 per cent.
If you are above 30 years of age, have a cavid, and suddenly see symptoms like pressure, suffocation in the middle of the chest, then chew aspirin first.

If you have ‘Statin’, take 40 mg of Rosuvastatin. It can also be replaced by Atorvastatin 80 mg.
If you have Clopidogrel, take 8 tablets of 75 mg immediately with water. If you do not have it then you can take Disprin.

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