Know why hair turns white at an early age, these remedies will remove the problem of white hair


There was a time when gray hair was associated with age, but it is a common problem nowadays. Now, at an early age, the hair of people is becoming white. Children’s hair turns white even at an early age. According to experts, it is all caused by melanin. Melanin pigments are found in the cells of our hair roots and this is what makes our hair black.

When the production of melanin decreases, the hair begins to turn white. But now the question arises that why melanin is reduced in production? Let’s know about it and ways to control this problem. According to experts, it is normal for melanin to decrease or decrease with age. But if it is happening at an early age then the main reason for this is your lifestyle and food. Nowadays there is more deficiency of Vitamin B12 in people. Vitamin B12 cannot be found in vegetarian foods, so supplements are needed.

Due to its deficiency, hair starts turning white at an early age. On the other hand, thyroid problems are very common nowadays due to poor lifestyle. The thyroid gland produces T3, T4 thyroxine hormones. But when there is a thyroid problem, there is an imbalance in these hormones. It has a direct effect on the brain and hair. This causes hair to become prematurely white or brittle.

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