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Migrating to SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM), deploying SAP in the cloud, and integrating automation technology to conquer today’s warehousing and logistics complexities.

Hamburg, Germany, November 16, 2020 / PRNewswire / – KörberThe leader of global supply chain technology, from software to handling content to automation, recently introduced a range of best practices for warehouse specialists, integrating SAP’s broad range of applications to supply chains.

Best practice, discussed during Körber Master class series, Provide guidance to leverage SAP’s supply chain logistics suite to overcome today’s most pressing complexities. This includes increasing efficiency and achieving end-to-end transparency. Gives insight into best practices for migration SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management)Tips for deploying SAP EWM in the cloud, and integrating automation with SAP EWM MFS (Material Flow System). It is increasingly important, adoption of automation tools is projected to increase $ 15.5 billion In 2020 27 billion dollars In 2025. Also, best practice for Körber SAP Implementation Include:

  • Take advantage of SAP’s highly customizable solutions: No two warehouses are the same, meaning that implementing a consistent SAP solution takes into consideration customer-specific requirements and leverages their strengths.
  • Follow the migration plan: Migrating the SAP WM solution to 2027, when standard support for it runs, is a complex, time-consuming process. This is especially the case if customers must also transfer their underlying ERP to SAP S / 4HANA. Understanding the various options for time and available architectures helps set up customers for a seamless, successful transition.
  • Increase flexibility with SAP EWM in the cloud: The on-cloud WMS market is expected to grow by around 29% between 2020 and 2025. SAP provides several cloud deployment options for EWM. Benefits include anticipated, stable monthly costs and outsourcing the underlying IT infrastructure and ongoing maintenance.
  • Leverage next-gen technology: Today’s automated warehouse requires much more than a warehouse management system. Voice technology improves employee productivity by 35% and reduces training time and employee turnover by up to 50%. Enables simple, direct voice integration between SAP Warehouse Floor and SAP EWM.

“SAP EWM is one such powerful solution for warehouses. However, it is easy for supply chain specialists not to consider its capabilities and adapt it to their specific tasks, ” Thomas grease, CEO for SAP Solutions in Körber Supply Chain. “Making the most of your SAP solution begins with choosing SAP’s supply chain logistics suite and an implementation partner with in-depth expertise on any industry-specific requirements. Kober has the capabilities and experience to help warehouse managers effectively launch their SAP integration and leverage the strengths of SAP.

Those wishing to learn more about Körber’s best practices for SAP integration can view the entire SAP Supply Chain Excellence Master Class Corber’s website.

About the Körber Business Area Supply Chain
The supply chain is getting more complex by the day. Corber uniquely offers a wide range of proven, end-to-end supply chain solutions that fit any business size, strategy, or appetite for growth. Able to deliver not just software, but automation, voice, robotics, and material handling – plus expertise to tie it all together. We are not only a global partner for today, but also the needs of supply chains continue to evolve. With Corber – Conquer Supply Chain Complexity. The business sector is part of the supply chain global technology group Körber. Find out more at www.koerber-supplychain.com

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