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TvN’s 2016 fantasy drama ‘Guardian: The Lonely and Great God’ became a global phenomenon during its run. Now that it’s on Netflix, we think it needs a second season ASAP!

On 2 December 2016, Kashmir drama Fans were introduced to a world we had never seen before – the fascinating world of Goblin. Kim Yoon-sook’s fantasy-drama romance became the highest-rated show in the history of Korean television at the time. The show helped all the actors to secure ‘Helu Star’ status (top actor in Korea) and become an international superstar. Of netflix ‘Guardian: The Lonely and Great God’ was a discussion of the city not only during its 16-episode run, but also before and after! The series was also the subject of critical acclaim and was praised not only for its story, screenplay-writing and stunning visuals, but also for its soulful original soundtrack. Read on to find out Why We Think The Guardian: The Lonely and Great God Show Season 2 is entitled.

main characteristics –

  • Goblin’s spelling world
  • Show trip to become a pop-culture event
  • Season 2: What do the makers think?

Video Credit: Korean Entertainment

The show is about Kim Shin (Gong Yo), who is 939 years old dokkaebi (Ghost) and protector of spirits. He has supernatural abilities. During his life as a human being, 900 years ago, he was the commander of the army of his brother-in-law Wang Yeo, the king of a Goryeo dynasty. But the king sentenced him and his family to injustice after being driven by an evil advisor. At the time of his death, Kim Shin was cursed that he can attain salvation only when he sees his bride, i.e. the only girl in this world who could actually see the sword he was killed, his chest. Piercing it, and remove it.

Guardian: Lonely and Great God

Flash-forward to 2016, Kim Shin is living her life as a beautiful and kind person under one roof Yau Deok-Hav (Yung Sung-jae), the heir to a group that comes from a family line that has served Kim Shin for generations, and is a face-to-face gripper played by Lee Dong-wook. However, Kim Shin’s world changes when he finally meets his legendary bride, eternally optimistic, and perpetually 19-year-old Ji Yoo-tak (Kim Go-yoon), a girl who dodges any candle to call him. Has unique ability. -The Grim Reaper is the latter, flying over it, and one of the two missing souls.

Goblin’s spelling world

Show trip to become a pop-culture event

The show had it all – drama, romance, suspense, action and of course a bucket full of tears. It wasn’t one of those clichés Korean drama. It was entertaining and managed to keep your level of anticipation high throughout the episode.

However, the highlight of the show was definitely the characters and actors portraying them. Whether it was Kim Shin’s dilemma, Deok-hwa’s charisma, the disgusting Reaper realizing who he was in his human life, Eun-tak’s raucous feelings when he finds out that the Gaglin he loved so shamelessly Once the sword would be taken out or Sunny Ki (You In-Na) realized everything that was going on around him, the actors made it incredibly real. The romance between Kim Shin and Yoon-tuck, At the same time, serious characters and Sunny were working at heart. While watching the series you knew that in the very best way it would end up being a bitwhite, the makers did a commendable job in giving us a satisfying finale.

The show’s growing popularity led to the producers producing 3 exclusive episodes with exclusive back-of-the-scene footage and interviews with the cast and crew. The special episode showed how well the cast met each other off-screen and how their friendship naturally translated into on-screen chemistry.

Season 2: What do the makers think?

Even though the producers are not yet considering making season 2, the tightly knit cast and crew have always implied that they would love to work together again. other than this, Fans have been waiting for season 2 since the series ended in 2017. They want to see Yun-tak and Shin live a happier life and the love between the Grim Reaper and Sunny more.

There is no other Korean fantasy show that has had such an impact on audiences and Asian popular-culture. A season 2 will give fans all the joy and fruits they deserve to see!

Video Credit: Ian Canalas TV

Did you watch ‘Guardian: The Lonely and Great God’? Do you think it deserves season 2?

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