Kumbh: Know when the first fair officer of Indian origin was formed?

British officers were first stationed for the Haridwar Kumbh Mela in 12 months 1808. Only after this, fair officials began to be deployed in Prayagraj, Ujjain and Nashik. In 12 months 1808, Britain’s Felix Vincent rapper arrived in Haridwar as an impartial officer. Since then, impartial officers have been deployed to rearrange the fair. However, this put is now called Meladikari. Whereas in British occasions it was referred to as an impartial officer. In 12 months 1962, TJK Charalu became the first Indian official to hold a fair after 15 years of independence.

Books stored in the library of Gurukul Kangri University confirm that the Kumbh Mela of Haridwar is the oldest. After the rule of the Mughals, when the Kumbh Mela met here at the British end, the British were stunned by such a crowd. Apart from the saints and pilgrims, when persons from different provinces of the country reached Haridwar, the British authorities thought about the deployment of the Mela Adhikari.

Subsequently, in 1808, the Felix Vincent rapper left for Haridwar to prepare as the first fair officer. These officers arrived here from Britain to Haridwar. Since then, the deployment of Mela Adhikari started in Haridwar. There was a time when the fair officer was not posted. This additionally occurred as a result of the plague epidemic in the nation. The first neutral officer TJK Charu arrived 15 years after the nation was neutralized.

These officers are in Kumbh

Year 1808 Felix Vincent Rapper
Felix Vincent Rapper of the Year 1820
Year 1855 robert
1886 Jacques
1891 Nils Budman
Simon 1903
Year 1915 laud clark
Year 1927 wo krishna
Year 1938 malcolm
1962 TJK Charalu
Year 1986 Arun Kumar Mishra
Year 1998 JP Sharma
Year 2010 Anand Vardhan
Year 2021 Deepak Rawat

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