“Kyrie Irving is excited to return”: Nets Sean Shawn revealed the star point guard’s reaction to the James Harden trade, assuring fans that he would be playing soon. sport

Sean Marks finally broke the silence from the Nets office on the Kyrie Irving situation at the press conference today.

Kiri Irving is mysteriously missing from the Brooklyn Nets starting lineup for personal reasons. They have lost five games so far and there is no clarity on when to return.

However, Brooklyn Nets general manager Sean Marks said Kyrie is excited to return to the Nets. Additionally, he stated that the Kyrie position had nothing to do with the decision to acquire James Harden.

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Net GM also claimed that Qui has regularly tested for COVID-19 and is in compliance with security protocols. The announcement comes after the league decided to investigate Kyrie Irving for a possible violation of their COVID-19 protocol, after a party video surfaced of it. Despite providing all this information, Sean was unable to indicate when Carrie would return.

Will Kyrie Irving work with Hardy and KD?

On paper, the Nets currently have the best team in the league. However, three huge locker room personalities may backfire. The Nets’ organization has been very pleased to let Kyari deal with her absence on her own terms.

However, his absence adversely affected his team’s performance. The acquisition of James Harden could also create a similar problem due to his outgoing lifestyle and sometimes lax attitude. However, Harden is hungry to win a championship and is likely to be more serious in Brooklyn.

The Nets did everything they possibly could to acquire James Harden, and in doing so compromised their future and their defense. Sean Mark said during his recent press conference that this step is necessary. Only time will tell whether this explosive combination will take the league by storm or transplant.

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