“Kyrie Irving is partying with Drake”: The Nets star’s absence is stated to be for ‘personal reasons’ as she is celebrating her sister’s 30th birthday in Toronto. sport

Videos have surfaced in which Kiri Irving is shown attending a party with Drake, while missing several games for the Nets.

Kyrie Irving is no stranger to controversies so these reports should not come as a surprise. Kairi has missed the last three matches for unclear personal reasons and is likely to miss more.

The video that was leaked on Instagram shows Kairi at a big party with Drake and his younger sister. Many speculate that this party took place recently because some members were wearing masks.

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Although the occasion of the party is unknown, it is likely a celebration of her sister’s birthday that took place earlier this week. His absence has questioned his interest in many sports. Nets head coach Steve Nash has taken the brunt of Kyari’s antics. Additionally, this has contributed to the narrative that Nash is not yet ready to coach.

What are the other possible causes of Kiri Irving sitting outside?

Many speculate that Kyari is sitting outside due to the recent uprising in the US Capitol. Kyrie has been vocal about white privilege and police brutality. Therefore, it is likely that he wanted to take a break from insanity. Last season, Kairi urged his teammates to bring social justice instead of traveling to the NBA bubble.

Another issue that the Internet has pointed out is that Kyari has broken the NBA’s COVID-19 protocol. Even if Kai is ready to return soon, he will have to undergo a mandatory two-week quarantine before returning to the Nets. This could have a devastating effect for the Nets team in the near future.

Whatever the reason may be, he has an obligation to keep his team informed. His recent actions have affected the image of his team and his coach. We hope that he will be able to recover soon.

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