“Kyrie Irving really dipped on the double-pump and clipper?”: Stephen A. Smith believes that LeBron James can’t beat Kevin Durant’s nets without a healthy Anthony Davis. sport

Stephen A. Smith is firm in his belief that the Lakers or Clippers cannot beat Carrie Irving, Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets.

The Brooklyn Nets faced a perfectly healthy Los Angeles Clippers squad last night and produced an exciting film similar to last time Two teams met.

A hamstring injury with Kevin Durant led to the Brooklyn Nets with a 112–108 win over Qui Leonard and his Clippers.

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The decisive call would be a controversial offensive fiasco called by Qui Leonard who used his left elbow to drive James Harden out to the basket. After this win over the Clips, the Nets have now won 6 straight games. Stephen A. Smith took to Twitter to heighten his excitement over the Nets’ dominance while the game was still in play.

Stephen A. Smith is influenced by the plays of Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets

During the game, Kyrie Irving surprisingly went for a dunk on Fastbreak. Irving is not accustomed to such a rare air and this play of All-Star starter led to Stephen A. Smith begged to repeat what he said about going back to the net first.

“Did I see the Kyrie Irving double pump at the breakway sting?” man, Is not Nobody beats these nets. I can’t see anyone beating these boys. Not with Anthony Davis being unwell. “

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Smith believes the Los Angeles Lakers are the only real threat to defeat the Brooklyn Nets as they believe the Nets will have no trouble getting out of the Eastern Conference. Defending Champs is slightly diverting from the injury bug as LeBron James ‘1A = Anthony Davis’ 1B closer to the late strained right calf will be missed for about a month.

Stephen A. fears that as long as Davis remains unwell with the Postman rolling back and forth, the Lakers will most certainly be at the mercy of the Nets. However, if Anthony Davis is not 100% Playoffs Time, the Lakers would have to worry about exiting the West before putting their mind to reach the NBA Finals.

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