“Kyrie Irving, they choose and show what to show”: Jamal Murray of the Nuggets criticized the Nets star for getting into trouble with the front office and NBA fans. sport

Kyrie Irving has received support from a good source today after the Nuggets’ Jamal Murray posted pics.

Irving was apparently celebrating publicly with his father and sister. The Irving family celebrated Asia and Drederick Irving’s birthday in the last 2 days. In a segment of the viral clip, Carrie was closely watching Asia blowing out candles from her birthday cake.

A rumor began to circulate on Reddit that Irving was partying with Drake in Toronto. An NBA insider said that the celebration in Brooklyn happened after a deep-seated ‘investigation’. There have been no confirmed rumors about whether Drake was with the Irving family.

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Irving is currently under investigation by the league office, and could possibly be assigned sanctions for breaking the Kovid protocol. He and several party members were spotted at a public event without a mask. It violates league rules.

Kiri Irving has support from Jamal Murray

Jamal Murray posted a tweet tonight ahead of the Nuggets’ game against the Nets. He praised Kairi for his various efforts for causes of humanity and social justice. Murray captioned the photos with, “They just choose n that they really want to talk to.”

Coming from Murray, this support is very surprising. Murray and Kaiuri clashed at the end of 2018 when Irving threw the ball into the crowd during a game between the Celtics and Nuggets. Irving believed that Murray should not have tried to shoot the ball with a previously decided game outcome.

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If Irving violated the Kovid protocol, he would surely face a fine and suspension from the league. James Harden managed to shoot for his presidential antics. But now with the weather in full flow, the stagnation thus implemented will be dealt with with proper severity.

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