“Kyrie Irving will cancel his contract”: Stephen A. Smith warns the Nets star to return to NBA action early or risk $ 108 million. sport

Stephen A. Smith says that Kyrie Irving is taking the risk of canceling a contract worth more than $ 100 million with the Nets if he does not come to play.

Irving has been in the news for going ‘off the grid’ for the last 10 days. He first neglected to inform Steve Nash about the reasons for the absence. He also terminated Nets management, and did not respond to them then. It took them days to talk to him, which is unprofitable for him.

Later, it is revealed that Kairi may be partying with her family in the interim. His sister and father celebrated his birthday in the last few days.

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This revelation opened a can of worms. The NBA is currently investigating footage of Irving Outdoor. If they find him guilty, he will be subject to a per-game penalty of more than $ 400,000. But Stephen A. Smith has given worse news for him.

Stephen A. Smith warns Kyrie Irving that he can cancel his contract

In today’s episode of First Take, Stephen A gave an ultimatum to Kyrie Irving:

“In fact, Kyrie Irving is going to be the third option on this team. I was told yesterday that if he maintains it, the Brooklyn Nets will have the power to cancel their contract. I don’t think Kevin Durant would let something like this happen. But this is a risk he is running. “

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The Nets are definitely one of the most stacked teams in NBA history. In terms of first-choice offensive talent, they are indeed peers. All 3 of Kevin Durant, Kerry Irving and James Harden have committed offenses that would be without them at the top of the playoffs. How well it jails, who gets to take more shots and how the Nets defend the NBA champions this year.

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