Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 5th May April 2021 Written Update: Shubhra sells her jewelleries for the money

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Episode starts with Kuldeep waking up at night and detangles himself from Samaira’s hold. He moves towards the bed and finds the water bottle. He sees the place where Roli was sleeping and realises that Roli haven’t wet the bed. He gets suspicious about Samaira and thinks if she had intentionally pour the water on bed to send Roli away. He gets confused with her dual behaviour.

In the morning, Kuldeep goes to take Chandrani’s blessings but she ignores him. He tries to talk to her, while she shows her anger towards him. She makes him realise about his mistake and reminds him that Roli never wets her bed. She ask him to think wisely about the matter, while he gets confirmed about Samaira being behind it.

Samaira hears their conversation and gets irked at Chandrani. At that time, Roli hugs Samaira, whereas Samaira fakes a smile to towards her. She ask Kuldeep to have breakfast but he denies and goes to pray to god. Samaira glares at Chandrani and accuses her for being a hurdle. She thinks evilly about removing her from their life.

Here, Shubhra waits for Dr. Harsh. She assures herself that he can cure Rishi. Rishi comes there, while she asks him to have breakfast with her. She keeps watching the time waiting impatiently for Dr. Harsh’s arrival.

Dr. Harsh gets inside the lift with lots of balloons for Rishi. Varsh and her friend sees him and interrogates about him. They gets to know about him going to Shubhra’s house and whispers to eachother about Shubhra’s bad character. Dr. Harsh hears them and advices them to mind their own business.

Ahead, Dr. Harsh rings Shubhra’s doorbell, while Rishi opens it and says that they don’t want balloons and asks him to go away. He misinterpret him as a balloon seller, while Shubhra gets Harsh in and tells Rishi that he is her friend. Dr. Harsh tries to mingle with Rishi, whereas Rishi shows no interest. Harsh reminds Shubhra about their conversation and ask her to leave for sometime. Further, Harsh narrates some stories about his and Shubhra’s while Rishi starts taking interest in it. Shubhra notify Rishi about her going and ask him to be with Harsh. She leaves while Harsh takes selfie with her.

Here, Kuldeep apprises Chandrani about going to Surat along with Samaira for a meeting. He looks lost, while Chandrani prays for her family. Roli demands for some gifts. Meanwhile, Samaira gets an evil plan to trouble Chandrani and Roli. She sends their picture to someone and ask him to attack them. Phirki gets excited hearing Samaira’s plan and praises her.

Kuldeep ask Samaira to come for the meeting, but she denies stating that she will be with Roli. Samaira decides to take Roli for shopping, while Chandrani also demands to join them. Samaira asks Kuldeep if he needs anything? To which he says that he doesn’t need anything else apart from her. He goes away while Samaira smirks thinking about her devious plan.

Shubhra goes to sell her jewelleries but the retailer gives her only 50 thousands rupees. She gets tensed and ask him to increase the money, while he suggests her to sell the nuptial chain in order to get a good amount. She remembers her conversation with Narayan regarding the nuptial chain and denies to sell it.

The end.

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