Ladli Yojana Haryana 2020-21 | Ladli Yojana Haryana 2020

Ladli Scheme Haryana 2020 Form PDF, Customer Care Number, Form, List, Application, Eligibility [Ladli Yojana Haryana in Hindi Online Application Form]

India launches many schemes for girls mainly in the country, all have the same objective to improve the status of girls in the country. Today, the ratio of girls to boys is less in the country, and that is because even today girls are considered a burden in the country. The boy runs the clan of the family, this small thinking is still in many parts today. Earlier the condition of girls in Haryana was very bad, they are not allowed to move forward, they were killed as soon as they were born. Keeping all these issues in mind, the Haryana government started the Ladli scheme for the girls of the state, where they are given financial help. Let us know what is the Ladli scheme, what is the benefit, who is the beneficiary. Read the article carefully till the end for complete details of the plan.


Dearly scheme

Where is it from


When did it start


The department

Women and Child Development


Girls from Haryana

Monetary amount

Rs 5000 annually

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What is Haryana Ladli Scheme –

Ladli scheme has been started with a view to giving a good future to girls and making them self-sufficient in the state. Under the scheme, the government provides financial assistance to girls for education or to get married in future. In many parts of Haryana, even today girls are killed as soon as they are born, people consider them a burden. Do not let us read and write, children marry. To eliminate all these evils, the Haryana government has brought the Ladli scheme.

Haryana Ladli Scheme Financial Assistance –

Girls born after August 2005 under the scheme will get benefits under this scheme. Under the scheme, the government will invest 5000 rupees every year in the name of mother and that girl, through Kisan Vikas Patra. This amount can be withdrawn only after the girl turns 18.

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Highlights of Haryana Ladli Scheme –

  • The aim of the scheme is that if the girl wants to pursue higher education after 18 years, she should not face any financial problem. She can use these money for education, as well as if she wants to get married, this money can also be used for wedding expenses.
  • The scheme has been started mainly for those parents or guardians, whose only 2 girls are children. The government wants such parents not to consider girls as a burden and if there is no financial pressure on them, the government is taking responsibility of these girls.
  • In the scheme, Kisan Vikas Patra is made in the name of mother and girl. If the girl does not have a mother, she will be named after the father. If both are not there then it will be made with the name of the girl’s guardian.

Haryana Ladli Scheme Eligibility Conditions –

  • Haryana resident – The benefit of the scheme will be available only to the families of girls originally living in Haryana. Any family who wants to take advantage of this scheme of Haryana, they will be able to take benefit of this scheme only if they have been living in Haryana for at least the last 10 years.
  • two girls – The benefit of the scheme will be given to the same family who have two girls.
  • After 20 August 2005 – Government officials have stated that the benefit of this scheme will be given to those girls who are born on or after August 20, 2005.
  • Only the other girl will get – The benefit of the scheme will be given to the same family whose second girl child is born. The first girl will not get benefit, but if the second girl is born, then she will get the benefit of this scheme.
  • Twins – If there are twins on other children in the family, then the benefit of this scheme will be with immediate effect.

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Haryana Ladli Scheme Important Documents –

  • Birth certificate – To take advantage of the scheme, it is necessary that both the girls of parents are registered in it. Both birth certificates are required.
  • Aadhaar Card – Aadhar card of parents or guardian is necessary for availing benefits. Along with this, submit the girl’s base as well.
  • Poverty Line Card – If it comes under it, then keep it along.
  • income certificate
  • Mother’s passport photo
  • Mother’s ID Card
  • Native letter
  • caste certificate
  • Bank passbook

How to apply for Haryana Ladli Scheme (How to apply for Haryana Ladli Scheme)

Offline application forms will be submitted under the scheme. You should take the following procedure on all documents –

  • You should first visit the Women and Child Development Office of your district. Here, you should ask the officer for the plan form.
  • Here, after filling all the information in the form, attach the document and submit it to the officials.
  • You will also find the form of Haryana Ladli Scheme in the nearest Anganwadi, Life Insurance Office.

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Haryana Ladli Yojana Online Form (Online Application Form download) –

  • To get online form Haryana Ladli Scheme Form Click
  • On this link you will get the form, in which you have to fill all the information correctly.
  • You download this form, get it printed. Now fill the information in this form, go to the Women and Child Development Office of your district and submit it.

How to Claim Maturity under the Ladli Scheme under Haryana Ladli Scheme

  • Under the scheme, after the girl turns 18, it can withdraw money. For this, you have to fill the maturity claim form and submit it.
  • While filling the claim form, you will need the following documents,
    • Permanent address documents like electricity bill, ration card
    • Girl’s 10th or 12th marksheet
    • Copy of bank passbook
    • Mobile or landline number
  • The applicant is required to open a savings account in zero balance in any state bank.
  • After all the documents have been examined, all the money will come directly into the beneficiary’s account.

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general question –

Q: How to contact under Haryana Ladli Scheme.

Ans: Toll Free Number – 1800229090

Q: Where will you get the form of Haryana Ladli Scheme?

Ans: Women and Child Development Department

Q: What is the qualification of Haryana Ladli Scheme?

Ans: Detailed information is given above.

Q: How to claim for Amount in Haryana Ladli Scheme?

Ans: All documents can be claimed by depositing in the bank.

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